Toys R Us Stores For Sale

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Via CSA: Toys ‘R’ Us moves to sell 284 properties. The actual stores owned by the former toy giant are about to go up for sale, which pours cold water on the hopes that the stores might reopen under the existing names. It could still open again some day, but the resurrection of the toy giant seems to just not be in the cards for the USA anymore.  While it's not impossible someone might use the name to open a new chain of stores in the distant future - or a catalog, or a web site - this is another nail in the coffin for the very reason many of us had a good reason to go on toy runs for so long.

As of now there are no real updates on the KB Toys situation, but rest assured we will be here to Statler and/or Waldorf it up when the time comes.