Toys R Us Big Book Has Star Wars Deals

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, October 29, 2011

The annual Toys R Us Big Book is going to hit your newspaper really soon, and the good news is that if you kept putting off buying the Death Star Trench Run you're about to be rewarded!  A $20 discount will be offered in the big coupon book, plus there will be a $10 off deal on the Republic Attack Shuttle-- which, I should add, is an excellent toy.

What's more, there's a $5 off the Droid Attack on the Coronet, and lots of other stuff.


To get these coupons you can steal your neighbor's newspaper, keep an eye on the Toys R Us web site, or-- if some previous years are any indication-- pick up the catalog/circular/coupon book in-store soon.  (I'll be watching my neighbor's lawn.)

Scans of the ad may be found here.