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By Mike — Monday, July 19, 2010

The latest newsletter from our sponsors at TOY PALACE!
HASBRO Star Wars News: Next week we should be getting the first wave of the new "The Vintage Collection". Please note that in 2010 we will sell all new basic figure in cases (factory sealed) only.

We wish you a wonderful sunny weekend.

IN-STOCK items sorted by manufacturer
King of Fighters PVC Statue 1/6 Vanessa 30 cm
Item No.:ALAB260066  
Availability:in stockPrice:  129,00 EUR

Bruce Lee Bust HD Masterpiece Bust 1:4 - 29 cm
Item No.:ENT006  
Availability:in stockPrice:  139,90 EUR

24 - Real Masterpiece Collectible Jack Bauer 30 cm
Item No.:ENT0009  
Availability:in stockPrice:  139,90 EUR

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes: Gunship Statue with Light
Item No.:F4FPP024  
Manufacturer:First 4 Figures  
Availability:in stockPrice:  222,90 EUR

Princess Leia Slave 18cm Bobble-Head Figure
Item No.:FK8535  
Availability:in stockPrice:  12,90 EUR

TCW vehicle & figure assortment (4) W3
Item No.:91349-3  
Availability:in stockPrice:  99,90 EUR

The Clone Wars Turbo Tank Vehicle with figure
Item No.:89053  
Availability:in stockPrice:  199,00 EUR

Predator 2 Replica 1:1 Cutting Disc
Item No.:HCG061  
Manufacturer:Hollywood Collectibles  
Availability:in stockPrice:  429,00 EUR

Shining Wind Elwing Goddess of Forest Statue 32cm
Item No.:KTOPP336  
Availability:in stockPrice:  89,90 EUR

Clone Wars ARTFX+ Trooper Serie 2 Statues Set (3+)
Item No.:KTOSW55  
Availability:in stockPrice:  instead 129,90 EUR
only 89,90 EUR

Kotobukiya Ralph McQuarrie Luke vs. Vader Figures
Item No.:KOTO27  
Availability:in stockPrice:  129,00 EUR

Kotobukiya Bossk ARTFX Statue 1:7 Scale
Item No.:KOTO36  
Availability:in stockPrice:  59,90 EUR

Kotobukiya Mace Windu w/ Yoda 1:7 Scale not mint
Item No.:KOTO03  
Availability:in stockPrice:  59,90 EUR

Star Wars ARTFX Crossection 3-D X-Wing Set
Item No.:KOTO38  
Availability:in stockPrice:  124,90 EUR

Cinema of Fear Freddy Krueger Figure 30 cm
Item No.:MEZ25502  
Availability:in stockPrice:  44,90 EUR

Ramones: Joey Ramone - Action Figure 17,5 cm
Item No.:NECA60770  
Availability:in stockPrice:  19,90 EUR

Dante's Inferno Actionfigur Dante 18 cm
Item No.:NECA44770  
Availability:in stockPrice:  29,90 EUR

LOTR "The Duel of Light & Fire" Diorama 45 cm
Item No.:S9716  
Availability:in stockPrice:  349,90 EUR

Indiana Jones vs. Mola Ram Diorama 42 cm
Item No.:S200021  
Availability:in stockPrice:  289,00 EUR

Retro Green Hulk Polystone Statue 33 cm
Item No.:S900428  
Availability:in stockPrice:  279,00 EUR

LOTR High Elven Shield 1:1 Replica
Item No.:UC1428  
Manufacturer:United Cutlery  
Availability:in stockPrice:  329,00 EUR




New PREDATORS items are online NOW !


New Products for Pre-Order sorted by manufacturer
Hammerhead (Mowan Nadon) Mini Bust 19 cm
Item No.:GG11628  
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  59,90 EUR

Star Wars R2-D2 Trash Can 59 cm
Item No.:GG10203  
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  149,90 EUR

Clone Wars Cad Bane Animated Maquette 25 cm
Item No.:GG80064  
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  79,90 EUR

Iron Man 2 : Mark VI Collectible Bust 23 cm
Item No.:S901024  
Manufacturer:Hot Toys  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  89,90 EUR

Predators: Berserker Predator 1:6 Figure 30 cm
Item No.:S901000  
Manufacturer:Hot Toys  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  224,90 EUR

Iron Man 2 : Mark V Collectible Bust 24 cm
Item No.:S901072  
Manufacturer:Hot Toys  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  84,90 EUR

Assassins Creed II: Ezio Figur 30 cm
Item No.:S900995  
Manufacturer:Hot Toys  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  169,00 EUR

Street Fighter: M. Bison Mixed Media Statue 48 cm
Item No.:S901071  
Manufacturer:Pop Culture Shock  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  399,00 EUR

Predators: The Tracker Maquette 41 cm
Item No.:S400052  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  304,90 EUR

C-3PO Life-size Bust 62 cm
Item No.:S400054  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  699,00 EUR

Obi-Wan Kenobi Legendary Scale Bust 40 cm
Item No.:S200024  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  259,00 EUR

Iron Man 2: War Machine Maquette 50 cm
Item No.:S400042  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  599,00 EUR

Alien: Resurrection Statue 38 cm
Item No.:S300071  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  259,00 EUR

Predators: The Berserker Mask Prop Replica 34 cm
Item No.:S400044  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  359,00 EUR

Cyborg Darth Maul Premium Format Figure 62 cm
Item No.:S300022  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  349,00 EUR

Wolverine: Berserker Rage Life-size Bust 57 cm
Item No.:S400034  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  549,00 EUR

Colossus Comiquette Statue 43 cm
Item No.:S200106  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  319,00 EUR

God of War: Kratos Statue 43 cm
Item No.:S300002  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  269,00 EUR

Predators Classic Predator Skull Prop Replica 43cm
Item No.:S400048  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  369,00 EUR

Herr der Ringe Replica Elven Warrior Sword 126 cm
Item No.:UC1373  
Manufacturer:United Cutlery  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  269,00 EUR

Anduril, Sword of Aragorn King of Gondor Brand
Item No.:UC1380  
Manufacturer:United Cutlery  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  299,00 EUR

Sword of Eowyn 77 cm length
Item No.:UC1423  
Manufacturer:United Cutlery  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  269,00 EUR



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