TOY PALACE Newsletter #04

By Mike — Monday, January 31, 2011

TOY PALACE releases their latest newsletter with IN STOCK items such as FX Lightsabers, the exclusive Sideshow Black Hole Stormtrooper, Gentle Giant Death Trooper minibust, Battle Over Endor 4 Packs and much more!


Toypalace Newsletter Newsletter #04 - 30/01/2011


Below you will find the latest products which came in or were added for pre-order within the last 7 days.


We wish you all a very nice start into the week with our new product news.

IN-STOCK items sorted by manufacturer
Marvel Select Actionfigure Thor 20 cm
Item No.:DIA073174   
Manufacturer:Diamond Direct   
Availability:in stockPrice: 19,90 EUR
X-Men Marvel Select Actionfigure Cyclops 18 cm
Item No.:DIAM72074   
Manufacturer:Diamond Direct   
Availability:in stockPrice: 23,90 EUR
'Ultimate' Spike - from Buffy - Statue 25 cm
Item No.:S900471   
Manufacturer:Electric Tiki   
Availability:in stockPrice: 159,00 EUR
Assassins Creed 2 Life-Size Sticker Ezio 92 cm
Item No.:GE15124   
Manufacturer:Gaya Entertainment   
Availability:in stockPrice: 32,90 EUR
Star Wars Replica 0.45 Scale Jango Fett Helmet
Item No.:GG10162   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 49,90 EUR
Star Wars Mini Bust 1:6 Death Trooper 17 cm
Item No.:GG80078   
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant   
Availability:in stockPrice: 89,90 EUR
Star Wars Anakin FX Lightsaber ROTS - Ep.3
Item No.:87993   
Availability:in stockPrice: 129,00 EUR
The Clone Wars vehicle Super Vulture Droid
Item No.:87968   
Availability:in stockPrice: 29,90 EUR
Star Wars Darth Vader FX Lightsaber ESB - Ep.5
Item No.:87992   
Availability:in stockPrice: 129,90 EUR
Darth Maul FX Lightsaber with removable blade
Item No.:94729-4   
Availability:in stockPrice: 139,00 EUR
Star Wars 2011 Battle over Endor 4-Pack
Item No.:97639   
Availability:in stockPrice: 39,45 EUR
Platoon: Chris Taylor 12-inch Figure 30 cm
Item No.:S900998   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:in stockPrice: 169,90 EUR
Predators: Berserker Predator 1:6 Figure 30 cm
Item No.:S901000   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:in stockPrice: 224,90 EUR
Iron Man 2: Movie Masterp. War Machine Figur 30 cm
Item No.:S900892EU   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:in stockPrice: 199,00 EUR
Predators: Royce 1:6 Figur 30 cm
Item No.:S901003   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:in stockPrice: 169,00 EUR
Der Exorzist Dlxe Deluxe Box Set Regan on Bed 18cm
Item No.:NECA60735   
Availability:in stockPrice: 34,90 EUR
Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs) A-Fig 17 cm
Item No.:NECA420391   
Availability:in stockPrice: 17,90 EUR
Leonardo Comiquette Polystone Statue 40cm
Item No.:S200011   
Availability:in stockPrice: 214,90 EUR
Mos Eisley Cantina Nadon's Nook Environment
Item No.:S100041   
Availability:in stockPrice: 94,90 EUR
Indiana Jones Premium Format Temple of Doom 50 cm
Item No.:S300037   
Availability:in stockPrice: 319,00 EUR
Sideshow Blackhole Stormtrooper 30 cm
Item No.:S100010   
Availability:in stockPrice: 89,90 EUR
Star Wars Boba Fett Life-size Bust 76 cm
Item No.:S400026   
Availability:in stockPrice: 769,00 EUR
Heroes - Replica Sword of Hiro Nakamura
Item No.:UC2558   
Manufacturer:United Cutlery   
Availability:in stockPrice: 159,00 EUR
Wesco R2-D2 USB Hub 15 cm
Item No.:WES213362   
Availability:in stockPrice: 29,90 EUR
Wesco R2-D2 Alarm Clock with Time Projection
Item No.:WES213249   
Availability:in stockPrice: 24,90 EUR
Wesco Darth Vader USB Hub 15 cm
Item No.:WES214499   
Availability:in stockPrice: 37,90 EUR
Lord of the Rings Diorama Prancing Pony
Item No.:WETA0017   
Availability:in stockPrice: 299,00 EUR

Tron Legacy 3D in cinemas now !

New Products for Pre-Order sorted by manufacturer
Dexter Actionfigure Dexter im Overall 18 cm
Item No.:BBP03152A   
Manufacturer:Bif Bang Pow!   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 27,90 EUR
Marvel Select - Daredevil Action Figure 17 cm
Item No.:DIA091371   
Manufacturer:Diamond Direct   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 22,90 EUR
Predator 2 Replica 1:1 Cutting Disc
Item No.:HCG061   
Manufacturer:Hollywood Collectibles   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 449,00 EUR
MMS DX 1:6 Indiana Jones "Raider" Coll. Figur 30cm
Item No.:S901264   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 279,00 EUR
BSG Poster Map of the 12 Colonies 66 x 99 cm
Item No.:BSG0032   
Manufacturer:Quantum Mechanix   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 19,90 EUR
Clash of the Titans Perseus Premium Format Figure
Item No.:S300064   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 299,00 EUR
501st Legion: Clone Trooper Life-Size Bust 66 cm
Item No.:S400069   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 599,00 EUR
G.I. Joe Stalker 30 cm Figure
Item No.:S100036   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 124,90 EUR
Marvel: Red Skull Legendary Scale Bust 30 cm
Item No.:S200125   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 199,00 EUR
Scabbard of Anduril
Item No.:UC1396   
Manufacturer:United Cutlery   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 194,90 EUR
Sword of Boromir
Item No.:UC1400   
Manufacturer:United Cutlery   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 279,00 EUR
Sword of Witchking Brand
Item No.:UC1266   
Manufacturer:United Cutlery   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 249,00 EUR

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