TOY PALACE: Exclusives, Kotobukiya, and New Pre-orders

By Mike — Sunday, June 26, 2011

This week's TOY PALACE newsletter includes IN STOCK retailer exclusibes like the K-Mart Captain Lock, Target Clone Wars 2 Packs, and a few Kotobukiya! 

Toypalace Newsletter Newsletter #20 - 20/06/2011



Below you will find the latest products which came in or were added for pre-order within the last calender week.


We wish you all a very nice week with our new product news.

IN-STOCK items sorted by manufacturer
The Clone Wars Captain Lock Figur EXCLUSIVE
Item No.:31709   
Availability:in stockPrice: 12,90 EUR
CW Figuren 2-Packs "Special OPs & Waxer"(Set of 2)
Item No.:31362   
Availability:in stockPrice: 44,90 EUR
Kotobukiya EIII Yoda vs Emperor Palpatine Figures
Item No.:KOTO33   
Availability:in stockPrice: 59,90 EUR
SW Boba Fett - The Empire Strikes Back ArtFX 20 cm
Item No.:KTOSW59   
Availability:in stockPrice: 39,90 EUR
POTC Davy Jones Art FX PVC Statue 28 cm
Item No.:KOTO0589   
Availability:in stockPrice: 64,90 EUR
SW Chop Saber Chopsticks Set Maul & Luke ESB
Item No.:KTOGZ157   
Availability:in stockPrice: 20,90 EUR
Bioshock2 Dlxe AF Big Daddy Elite Bouncer LED 20cm
Item No.:NECA44762   
Availability:in stockPrice: 24,90 EUR
Star Wars "The Clone Wars" Wall Calendar 2012
Item No.:PN22264   
Availability:in stockPrice: 12,90 EUR
Jean Grey Polystone Statue (Bowen) 33 cm
Item No.:S900221   
Availability:in stockPrice: 227,00 EUR
EII Clone Sergeant Figur 30 cm
Item No.:S100018   
Availability:in stockPrice: 99,90 EUR
STAR WARS Magic Play Stickers
Item No.:UNI9214   
Availability:in stockPrice: 5,90 EUR
STAR WARS Magic Play Stickers
Item No.:UNI3813   
Availability:in stockPrice: 2,90 EUR
STAR WARS Magic Sticker Drawing Set
Item No.:UNI2022   
Availability:in stockPrice: 4,90 EUR
Devil May Cry 4: Red Queen - Sword of Nero 107cm
Item No.:UC2596   
Manufacturer:United Cutlery   
Availability:in stockPrice: 349,00 EUR

X-Men - First Class

See our complete range of X-Men (First Class) products here.

New Products for Pre-Order sorted by manufacturer
STAR WARS T-Shirt "Trooper Surfer" Blue
Item No.:ABYTEX085-H   
Manufacturer:Abysse Corp   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 19,90 EUR
Marvel Statue Wolverine Old Man Logan 30 cm
Item No.:S901475   
Manufacturer:Bowen Designs   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 279,90 EUR
Lady Death Faux Bronze Statue Traditional 34 cm
Item No.:CSMS1072   
Manufacturer:CS Moore Studios   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 299,00 EUR
Lady Death Faux Bronze Statue White 34 cm
Item No.:CSMS1071   
Manufacturer:CS Moore Studios   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 299,00 EUR
Captain America The First Avenger Masterpiece 30cm
Item No.:S901384   
Manufacturer:Hot Toys   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 179,00 EUR
Terminator Collection Serie 2 AF Set 18 cm (3)
Item No.:NECA39830   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 44,90 EUR
Gremlins Mogwai Serie 2 (Mohawk, Gizmo, Daffy) (3)
Item No.:NECA30672   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 39,90 EUR
Star Wars Advent Calendar 2011
Item No.:PF920462   
Manufacturer:Promotions Factory   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 19,90 EUR
Star Wars "The Clone Wars" Advent Calendar 2011
Item No.:PF920463   
Manufacturer:Promotions Factory   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 19,90 EUR
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes & Timber Statue 51 cm
Item No.:S2630   
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice: 299,00 EUR

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