Toy Fair - Hasbro Star Wars Panel Notes

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, February 16, 2019

So here are the notes from the panel - new figures, vehicles, and a playset. I can't believe it either - Walmart has a Jabba's Palace piece.

- Galaxy of Adventures.  Your favorite direct to clearance wave of canned repacks is back!
- Lightsaber Academy.  All of the lightsabers, now with an app and an upcharge.
- Black Series. No new mainline to reveal.
- New packaging reveal. Now exclusives. Celebration - TPM 20th Anniversary. Obi-Ewan on 1999-style 6-inch cardback. Will be in the mainline for summer.
- Chopper, Ezra, 0-0-0, BT-1, Obi-Wan, Aphra coming.
- Maul reissue "Archive Edition" coming to Celebration as well - but only the packaging is exclusive. Mainline Fall.
- 40th ESB. Feel old yet? I do.  New fan vote - specifically for ESB 6-inch line. To date Fans only choose non-movie figures, so clearly they have an agenda here.
- Target reissuing Chewbacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper, Leia, Darth Vader. Supposedly perfect replicas. (The Classic 4-pack, well, wasn't.) Nice faux-scuffing. $12.99.
- New 1970s-style Grand Moff Tarkin.  "One of the most labor-intensive sculpts" and I believe it.  It looks almost too good. Packed with a board game.
- Vintage Collection. Barges have all been produced, on the water. New ship date 3/4. FedEx. Barge will be sold in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France.... other places I don't live. Limited quantity sold via eBay.
- Walmart gets Skiff Guard Lando. Retooled legs to fix height.  Photo real deco. Vedain, Vizam, Doallyn 3-pack.
- Jabba's Palace Adventure Set. Han in Carbonite - magnetic wall attachments.  Ree-Yees. Archways. Looks like a start of a modular Jabba's Palace.  Walmart. Figures on Vintage Cardback with big Kenner box and playset.  This is good.
- All-new Skiff. Desert display stand, clear floating support rods. First new Skiff sculpt since POTF 1985.  Plank, side rails, articulated rudders, removable panels, too dang much detail. Order online.
- Hyperreal - high-dollar 8-inch Darth Vader. New scale, high price point. "The best figures we've done." Articulated stainless steel skeleton, soft exterior skin, no visible joints.