Toy Fair 2013: Galactic Hunter Coverage Begins Saturday

By Mike — Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's that time again, and yes, time for another cold and snowy weekend covering the American International Toy Fair in New York City. This is our tenth year covering the show as Galactic Hunter, and this time it feels a little different because we don't know what to expect from Hasbro. Droid Factory cancellations, 3D prequels "delayed", and loads of other stuff we can't tell you, because frankly, those may have had a change of course as well.

There will be the official reveal of the "Black Series" 6 inch figures, and that's about all that's certain aside for a few not so exciting items reported from the European shows. There's no "Big" vehicle announcement and potentially some other assortments facing the threat of being discontinued.

But guess what? Despite the somber news of the now for Star Wars collecting, there's light at the end of the tunnel for many more years. Remember back in Celebration VI when the only new "big" announcement we could look forward to was Detours (no offense to Seth Green. We love your work.). And that was only six months ago. Like it or not, the franchise was facing a slow, but certain, death spiral.

Whatever ceiling the Star Wars franchise was eventually going to slam into has been shattered like a million pieces of glass with the Disney acquisition and announcement of new films. The Clone Wars series, despite the masterful work by Filoni and several writers (particularly this season), was reaching the end of shelf life. The films, especially the Original Trilogy, have always been the linchpin of the franchise, and while it's too early to sing hallelujahs, the decisions and movement we've seen so far appear to seek to preserve a legacy for what is our de facto modern mythology. The big screen is the appropriate canvas for such a grand and epic space opera.

Our tauntauns are ready to brave Nemo (Disney character...ha) and bring you the best coverage we can muster.

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This really is a fascinating and exciting time for Star Wars fans isn't it? And despite the long merchandising legacy that began with Kenner, the story, even from a collecting standpoint, continues to be written. But can it be improved upon? Can Star Wars truly be forever? 

You bet your Mongo Beefshead Tribesman, it can.


May The Force Be With You...ALWAYS,

Mike Sullenger