Titan Launches UK Star Wars Comic

By Mike — Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Star Wars Galaxy is the brand new 4-weekly comic from Titan comics, showcasing the greatest Star Wars comic adventures from a galaxy far, far away!
Launching on 28 October in the UK, each 4-weekly 76-page issue contains three pulse-pounding Star Wars comic adventures.

448 Star Wars Galaxy Comic #1

Issue #1 goes beneath the grim breathing apparatus of cinema’s greatest villain to follow Darth Vader as he tracks down a Jedi and Padawan who escaped the deadly purge of Order 66, in ‘Purge: The Hidden Blade’!
‘Invasion’ begins with a terrifying prologue, as a deadly new enemy stirs in the reaches beyond the known galaxy, and the Yuuzhan Vong descend on the peaceful New Republic! Featuring Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo alongside a stunning new cast, ‘Invasion’ is another thrill-packed glimpse into a fan-favourite corner of the galaxy.  
Finally, ‘The Old Republic’ kicks off with the terrifying Sith Empire returning to the galaxy to enact its vengeance on galactic civilisation. Can a fragile peace be brokered between these two cultures, or will all descend into civil war? This strip ties into The Old Republic, the incredible videogame MMO released next summer!
Every issue also features competitions to win must-have Star Wars merchandise, with issue #1 including a competition to win copies of The Force Unleashed II video game and an Xbox 360 console!
Amazing Star Wars stories, incredible art and unforgettable characters - Star Wars Galaxy comic is a must-have for all fans of ‘saber-swinging, blaster-dodging action whether recent converts or life-long acolytes!
Feel the Force with Star Wars Galaxy Comic!
Star Wars Galaxy Comic #1
On sale 28 October 2010
Ages 12+
Available from all good retailers
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