Target Post-Christmas Clearance Started Early

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, December 24, 2010

If you're in the market for Target's Hasbro Star Wars exclusives from October and November, remaining inventory is half price.  I saw several of the Vintage 9-packs for $24.98, and other items remained-- while the stores are closed now, this should give you something to hunt for on Sunday.  Don't forget, the Cad Bane/IG-86 2-pack has a unique deco on the droid!  Merry Christmas!


Good deal. I went by Target

Good deal. I went by Target after reading this. Got the Vintage 9 Pack. It was $35 and not $25, but I am still pleased and will keep my eye out for next week.


hopefully i'll be able to check tonight and see if I can score those exclusive Hoth sets for a good steal.

Hoth Sets

I did see 1 Rebel set for like $28. Not low enough for me to get yet (cause I have 1 already). I do not expect it to be there when I go back, but maybe it will be and if it is low enough. . .

Went back, found the Rebel

Went back, found the Rebel set, got it & a Lego Darth Vader on clearance (last one).