Target Has Star Wars, Marvel On Sale

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, October 10, 2010

If you collect Hasbro action figures, this may be a good week for you.  Target stores in the USA have marked Saga Legends, The Clone Wars, Iron Man 2, and Spider-Man figures down to $5.00 each.  (Marvel Universe and Vintage are not included in this sale.)  If you've been waiting on anything, now is a good time to go out and stock up-- particularly since figures like the Flamethrower Clone Trooper and Shaak Ti are hitting some stores as we speak!


$5 Star Wars

A good way to get those 5 figures to mail in for Rocket Fett! I picked up my 10 figures yesterday/today.

Cad Bane/IG and Senate Guard 2-packs were there, as well as Mini Muggs 3-packs

PS for those looking for cheap vehicles, the Torrent, Clone Tank, Jedi Starfighters, and Grevious Starfighters are at Ross Stores for $13

Great Deals

Man everyone is finding these great deals at Ross stores and I'm bummed that there are no Ross stores her in NJ....we have Marshalls and TJ Maxx which never carry anything good in their toy departments.....kinda bummed actually...

anyway might have to hit up Target on Friday and see if I can find any great deals myself.... spotted the Ki Adi Mundi wave last night so I'm kinda hoping that I can pick them up this week.