Steve Sansweet to Leave Lucasfilm

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fan numero uno, inspiration to a generation of Star Wars fans, and all-around nice guy Steve Sansweet announced today he'll be leaving Lucasfilm to pursue a different direction.From

Since 1996, Steve Sansweet has served as the Lucasfilm ambassador to the ever-growing, ever-evolving community of Star Wars fans. Today, Sansweet announced that in April 2011 he will be leaving the company to begin a new chapter in his life. "Nearly 15 years ago I left my post as Los Angeles Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal to follow my bliss and take a 'one-year job' as Lucasfilm's Star Wars ambassador," said Sansweet. "Now it's time for another change and new challenges, while still maintaining an active role in the Star Wars fan community."


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Farewell My Friend: May the Force Be With You !

I'm actually kinda shocked and sad at reading the Stev is leaving us. I had the honor of meeting Steve twice in the last 2 years and I have to say never in my time have I met a man that so embodied the love of Star Wars. His is a voice that will be missed. farewell Steve. The Force will be with you....Always.

I wonder who can fill his shoes?

Maybe now he can spend some

Maybe now he can spend some time on Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive Vol. 2!