Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Yak Face at SDCC

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, July 18, 2018

3614 Also expected for 2019, this Yak Face was first previewed at Toy Fair.  And here it is in color, in person!  For me. You're not here.

The figure didn't seem to have a visible accessory - so I don't know if it has a Nikto pike, or a Gaffi stick, or something else - but it does look a little truer to the original movie costume.   I like it.3615 If you pre-ordered a Sail Barge, you'll get a Yak Face on a Power of the Force cardback next year.  Otherwise, you can get it on a Return of the Jedi package like one of the common folk.

New figures are likely to be revealed in Friday's panel.  We'll be there.