Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 1,437

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hey kids, it's BG-J38, another one of Jabba's gambling companions!  Basically.  This Return of the Jedi robot was rarely seen in the movie, and also rarely seen at retail.  Is it worth putting one together?  Read on!


I remember getting to TRU on May 1st and waiting patiently to get the wave (was hoping to be the first one in line - which I was or so I thought) as I waited at the front door (store opened at 10:00am I got there at 9:50am) I looked through the window and watched as a man was at the register ringing up 3 cases of the wave.... I figured okay maybe I misread the sign on the door but indeed the sign still read 10:00am store opens and the doors were locked.

at 10:00am the doors were unlocked and I walked to the SW aisle in hopes of getting at least 1 of every figure in this wave along with hopefully 2 of the Dark Trooper figure. what greeted me was 6 boxes of figures all opened and all empty with the exception of the few pack-in characters from the ROTJ wave. I asked if there were anymore boxes of the new wave to which a manager said all the boxes are out on the floor at this time and that she was not going to put anymore boxes out because annoying (censored) fans such as yourself buy all the good figures and leave nothing for everyone else. she stated that she was going to put out anouther 3 cases at 12:00pm.

I asked about the guy who bought 3 cases before the store even opened and she walked away saying you are out of luck, grow up and get a life. I mean this was a store manager trashing customers.

I walked out to the parking lot upset at the way I was treated and there was the guy from earlier in the morning on his cellphone holding up all the EU wave and stating to his friend how they could get $35.00 per figure. nice so TRU works with scalpers and not regular customers. I was beyond upset I was ****ed.

I came back at 12:00pm and learned that the last of the cases were opened by 10:15am. I complained to a new manager and got the number for corporate office and left several angry messages that the manager should be reprimanded for her comments and actions and finally recieved a call back from the main office stating that they would honor the BOGO event they were having and would send me a coupon via email that I could use at any TRU.

2 weeks later while in Woodbrige NJ I spotted the entire wave at the TRU in woodbridge and was able to use the coupon then. the way this wave of figures was handled is both the fault of TRU as well as Hasbro. if Hasbro had simply mass produced this wave and made it available to everyone I think it would have been a much smoother transaction all around.

well enough about my rant, I love the look of BG-J38 however he doesn't stand all that well. still I glad that I was able to add him to my ever expending droid collection.