Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 1,427

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's the first-ever modern-era Wicket which, at nearly 12 years old, is a lot less modern.  This was one of the first two modern Ewoks, setting the bar for the slow drip to follow for the next few years.  He was just upgraded, but how does the original stack up?  Read on!


A new Logray is hot on the 2011 rumor lists and Hasbro has confimed that he is coming in 2011 per a Q&A session with a fan site. So I think it's safe to skip this set now. I am huge lover of Ewoks and I was never fond of this set. Wicket was just terrible and I was mad when they reissued him a bazillion times like in the Princess Leia Collection and in 2004's OTC collection, not to mention all the retools. What is the 2008 Glider ste you are referring to? I have no idea what this is.


I have this set and with the recent addition of Wicket in the new Vintage Line the old POTF wicket will become a background character for a diorama..

as far as the Ewok Glider question you posted... the only glider ewok i remember where the complete Galaxy assortment (little planets with key characters, I believe they had Luke on Tatoonie, Vader on the Death Star, Ewok for Endor (with Glider) and Yoda for Dagobah..

the other Ewok and Glider was the Deluxe Saga version back in 2002/2003 and the recent Legacy Battlepack with Luke and Imperial Officer.

the new Vintage Wicket is awesome though. need one more because i like the concept of the 2 different looks... I prefer the green hooded version but need a nice looking ROTJ era Wicket for my Endor Displays.

Logray in 2011 sounds great..definately needs a update and can't wait to see pics of him.


Hey RecSith, that's what I thought, but Adam P. confused me with the 2008 date, perhaps it's just a typo. I cannot wait to see how Logray turns out. I hope Hasbro then updates Teebo next and then finally works up a very long overdue Lumat for us all! (The "vintage" styled one - all tan, not striped like Wookieepedia shows him.)