Star Wars Action News 334: A Certain Cincinnati Point of View

By Mike — Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When Arnie and Marjorie decide to spend a little extra time in New York after tirelessly covering Toy Fair 2012, the B-Team from Cincinnati take the reigns! Jerry and Dan are back to discuss their thoughts on Phantom Menace 3D, Hasbro's Toy Fair announcements, and some other news that surfaced this past week. Hear what they think of the new Ewok and X-Wing figure packs as well as the look of the Star Wars line 2013. Was Yoda a good choice or should Hasbro have started a tradition of using characters that are introduced and killed off in the same movie? But, that's not all, Brock from the Star Wars Action New Book Club is back to review the Darth Maul short stories and we have Steve the Ginergerprince's 2012 debut with his UK report.

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