SDCC: Angry Birds Vintage 12 Pack

By Mike — Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's gimmicky, kiddy, and fun, yet it will likely earn some guffaws from legacy collectors looking for a more 3.75 inch fix. Hasbro announces a second exclusive for this year's San Diego Comic-Con International: An Angry Birds Vintage 12 Pack Action Figure Set!

The 12 pack features classic Star Wars characters (actually the original 12 Kenner Star Wars action figures...nice!) redesigned Angry Birds/Evil Pigs style and packaged in that wonderful Vintage Black and Silver design that's like paper crack for old school nostalgists.


Each character is individually blister carded and then packaged as a set paying tribute to Kenner. The set will retail for $24.99 at Comic-Con at Hasbro's booth and more than likely will be available at shortly following the conclusion of the event.

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