Q&A: Star Wars New Old Figures, The Mandalorian, and Missing Stuff

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, November 3, 2019

1. In your crystal ball, any chance of a Dryden Vos in the 3.75 scale? The six inch is great but I don’t collect that scale. Making a list of parts to customize but would like a Real Hasbro one.

Is there a timetable for the Mandalorian toys? Specifically 3.75 and Hotwheels?

Lastly I am one of the 15 people who enjoy Resistance. The hotwheels fighters look really cool and are really pricey on Amazon? Did I miss the release or are they just slow to come out?

I think a lot of you must have a thing for disappointment.

The big question now is "When will Disney and Lucasfilm back off and let Hasbro go back to being Hasbro?" Since the Disney takeover, the character selection has been - to put it mildly - awful. There's not as much going back to make new characters, but there are plenty of reruns and a fair amount of new molds of existing characters. Right now I would not anticipate Dryden Vos (or anybody from Solo) without huge fan demand. Someone has to make a fuss, and Hasbro will get the hint - but until then, don't count on it. There still hasn't been a Solo Maul, which seemed like low-hanging fruit and an easy sell, in any size.

The Mandalorian launch just happened. You saw it. That was it. With demand or success leading up to the second season there are possibilities for more - but right now, there's nothing on deck beyond that what you have seen. And/or Hasbro is keeping it secret.

As to Hot Wheels, this happen a lot - they sporadically make some short. This is kind of normal for Mattel, and it's awful. I'm still wanting Hot Wheels Yoda's Jedi Starfighter a few years later, and I saw a brief smattering of Resistance Ace vehicles at one Walmart once - and sadly did not pounce. It's possible more are prepared to be blown out somewhere soon, so be vigilant and hope for the best. Or cough up the money.

Also I begrudgingly must add that Resistance turned into something Star Warsy around the last quarter of season one. You get about 15 episodes of "this is a pretty grueling kid's show with a dash of a galaxy far, far away" before things ramp up away from slow-paced stories about our heroes being mostly idiots. If you stopped watching - or are dreading continuing - skip ahead and you'll probably enjoy it. Or you could just watch the new Creepshow.



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2. Why did HASBRO cancelled TVC Darth Revan 3.75 inch figure, and if they are planning on selling him in the future????

Given the rampant success of the 6-inch figure I can only assume they want to get another bite at that apple, but how and when and all of that remain to be seen. For all we know Lucasfilm stepped in and said "No, we've got plans for Revan, but don't tell anybody." Nobody has been particularly forthcoming here.

To my knowledge Hasbro hasn't made an official statement as to why Revan got postponed (or canned) - maybe we'll get a new version. Maybe the old tooling was lost, thus destroying their interest in rereleasing a figure that old. (That's a 2007 mold! It may have been lost!) It's possible we might still see Revan but the figure hasn't been on any of the things I've seen or heard of yet, so take that as you will.





Right as the new The Mandalorian trailer hit last week, we also got word of the D.B. Weiss and David Benioff trilogy being given the axe, or "mutually agreeing to move on," or corporate whatever. I think it's very, very likely that these big-screen projects may have been sort of doomed to fail - I hope some day someone shares what they are/were/will be - as we see everything relocate to the smaller screen. For all I know, the Obi-Wan Kenobi show will follow-up on stuff hinted at in the end of Solo. I would like that. I don't know if I would like the rumored Old Republic movies - do I really need or even want an origin story of the Jedi and the Sith? Not really. But I don't want any more origin stories of anything - George Lucas did a fine job in 1977 by delivering the best possible (lowest-budget) chapter with action, aliens, and all kinds of amazing things. I'm glad Yoda's background has been kept largely off-limits, because explaining Boba Fett and re-explaining the Force hasn't done much to bolster fan interest.

"What is Star Wars?" is a tough question to answer, mostly because it depends on how old you are. Most people would agree it's Rebels vs. Empire, but you'll get pushback when you move away from that key conflict. Can you make a movie without lightsabers, Sith, or Jedi? ...maybe. They haven't tried other than the Ewok movies, usually someone gets a cameo in there. Once you get away from the core characters and themes (by a few thousand years) you get a sort of Star Wars-in-name fantasy entertainment product. I can't imagine something too far removed from the trilogy (or saga, take your pick) would be terribly exciting on a big screen timeline. As a TV show or streaming series, you can pick up momentum week over week. With a year or two between them, we'd probably tune out pretty quickly. (I don't care how much people like Revan, a movie set in that timeline would likely disappoint game fans and confuse everybody else.)

For those keeping track, the alleged Boba Fett film from Josh Trank, three seasons of Star Wars Detours, and the Benioff/Weiss trilogy are on the short list of well-known high-profile casualties under the current Lucasfilm. I don't think these were bad decisions - you can see what too much Star Wars has done to retailers, plus fans in general are being sold a bill of "the amazing end of the saga" which is true from a certain point of view. After all we've been told Star Wars Is Forever for years, and I expect it will persist in some form for quite some time. The fair-weather fans won't be there for it, as we are being told it's over, but that's life.

Here's hoping for new projects with more weird aliens, more cool robots, and maybe a cast that has more women in it than an episode of The Smurfs.

--Adam Pawlus

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