Q&A: Star Wars Jakks Pacific Questions - Jumbo Weapons, Boba Fett, and Character Selection

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, December 6, 2015

1. What determines the character selection per size class? Apart from popularity, of course.

Well there really isn’t a "universal" answer, but the broad stroke picture is that we look at "who would look good at large size" as well as "who is physically possible" at a large size. For example. A droid like 2-1B might not be possible at 48-inches because with thin legs he might not pass safety "tip" tests. We do look a ton at fan requests and message boards/social media posts, but in the end, our BIG FIGS are aimed at kids and parents first and finding characters that resonate with kids for everyday play is usually the standard we explore (outside of conventions etc...). While we love that collectors enjoy our BIG FIGS, kids and parents are the primary consumer for these figures.



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2. Will we ever see the large Boba Fett or Commander Cody at retail? I seem to recall pics from Toy Fair a year or two ago, then REBELS and TFA product started hitting and no one mentioned them again.

Boba Fett is currently available at 20-inch (shipping in our "20-inch Classic assortment" along with Luke, Tusken Raider, Vader and Sandtrooper all in Ep 7 line look package, but without the Ep 7 call out) and we have done Cody at 31-inch Massive in the past. Likely Fett will continue to show up in 20-inch "classic/best of" assortments and in time you may see him in other scales too. He is obviously very popular and if the opportunity comes around to revisit Fett in another scale, we’d love to take advantage. Time will tell!




3. I've noticed some of your newer product (e.g. Captain Phasma) includes removable weapons, while the first few waves of Big Figs had their weapons molded as part of the right hand. Why the change?

Essentially we are ALWAYS looking to make the best product possible at the value price that we offer the BIG FIGS line. Anytime we can make improvements to product and do upgrades like including weapons is the goal. We never like to rest on our laurels!




Thank you, Scott! That was great! I'm going to make other people do my work for me more often. Scott has more questions we're using next week - so we'll keep this going for a little while!

New stuff is hitting and sale prices are happening. I'm hearing the new Toys R Us exclusive Armor Up Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma are $19.99 - and also $12.99. The Black Series Rancor Pit is also marked down to $89.99, and the 12-inch Phasma is hitting. I have not yet seen the Kmart Kylo Ren (help), but have seen new shipments of the Walmart Battlefront Shock Trooper showing up over the weekend. (And I still haven't seen the Walgreens Darth Vader in the wild.) My assumption is that some of the currently harder-to-get items will show up again, but it's tough to put a finger on the "when" aspect. I find it hard to swallow that Amazon sold through its trooper set, but it's possible - like it's possible we've seen the last of the Snowtrooper Officer from Toys R Us, but I'm doubting it. One-and-done on exclusives tends to be unusual without immense hype and direct marketing (see: 2005 Lava Darth Vader).

Anyway, keep sending in whatever questions you've got - and if you work for a Star Wars licensee, and would like to do my job for me, you know where I can be reached.

--Adam Pawlus

Got questions? Email me with Q&A in the subject line now! I'll answer your questions as soon as time (or facts) permit.