Q&A: Star Wars Hyperspace Rings and Quality Figures

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, June 23, 2024

1. Question I don’t think anyone has ever asked you that I can remember. What is YOUR all time favorite figure? Any era, any brand, but has to be 3.75 Inch. I’m an old schooler. I prefer my toys smaller for ships. Mine is the 1981 Yoda figure. It might just be the perfect figure in every way. Fantastic replica. Cloth cape. Cane and a snake (the orange one, of course!) And then when they came out with the esb mail away survival kit that had the Luke backpack for him to fit in? Ugh, perfection. My Yoda sits in his backpack on the back of my Bespin Luke figure on my work desk to this day.

So? What’s yours?

As a kid who arrived a minute too late for the original movie, my first two figures were Chewbacca and C-3PO with removable limbs. Chewie is just awesome, and this C-3PO was a masterclass in upgrades. Kenner made a figure that looked so much like the original you couldn't tell the difference, and gave it a simple, functional action feature that didn't get in the way of anything. That's remarkable, especially way back then.

The figure that's been standing on my desk for years is Boba Fett, who I did not get until around 1989 from a friend's older brother's friend in a weird go-to-their-front-door-deal to root through a box of well-loved action figures. I didn't particularly "get" the character as a kid, but it's an appealing figure and it was a weird journey to get him.

I liked the original Yoda at the time, and he continues to grow on me today because he's a little off. Like the Kenner Cantina Aliens, Yoda's face evokes something that's not quite true of the character's real personality, but expertly captures the bug-eyed zaniness of Luke's first meeting with the Muppet. Also Kenner realized a tiny little guy needs to look worth the cost - so you got some extra goodies in it like, for no good reason, a snake. I assume it's because Yoda saw an early cut of Blade Runner and just liked Zhora's vibe.

The new era of "collector" figures has ultimately left me cold, because my interactions with most of them have been open/review/pose/never touch again. The Epic Hero figures have been hanging out though, and I'm finding those are really growing on me a lot as toys. Because the reason I got into this hobby is toys - I don't care about collectibles, I want something that'll stand up and be fun to fuss around with.



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2. Is there a hyperspace ring for the [Hasbro 3 3/4-inch] ROTS Jedi Starfighter?

Not for the 3 3/4-inch action figure one specifically - the one for Attack of the Clones will fit on The Clone Wars model of the Jedi Starfighter, but there's no official Hasbro hyperspace ring for the 3 3/4-inch Revenge of the Sith model. I'd say "yet" but given the treatment of vehicles in the last decade, I don't have any reason to expect a new model and certainly not one with a big optional accessory.





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If you're not getting much out of The Acolyte, consider this: there are tons of people who want the figures you already own and are ignoring right now. Also, there's going to be a big market for Cantina guys if that playset funds.

You've got hundreds - maybe thousands - of toys and there's a growing demand for a lot of them - especially Cantina patrons. With the HasLab, there has been a massive run on some of them on eBay, not coincidentally selling out the day it started. Other fans want them - maybe you can trade or sell to bring some to the market, because right now people are just going without. I never thought there would be a day when modern-era Star Wars figures just plain wouldn't be up for sale on the secondary market, but here we are. There's demand - do you have supply? If you're considering trimming the herd, now is a good time.

You may not have picked up Dice Ibegon, the blue Kmart Zutton in the 3-pack, Lessub Sirln, or Hrchek Kal Fas - and now it's going to cost you. Will Hasbro go back and fix them, giving us reruns or perhaps a new Hrchek Kal Fas the right eyes and boots? Maybe, who knows. Will Hasbro do a better BoShek? I'm still amazed they did the first one, given how extensively I said "never gonna happen" which raised his profile a little bit. Funny how that sometimes works. Now maybe we'll never get an official Vlix. I certainly feel it's never gonna happen.

The Cantina remains slow to fund but the same was true with The Ghost until we got a surge at the end. I don't think the world will end if we don't get the three stretch goal figures (after all, there's a lot of figures most fans missed and are out of their price ranges now) but hopefully fans will show up, buy this, and make Hasbro say "wow we sold 18,000 of this? We need to sell them more figures to put in it!" But... who?

After collecting these toys for decades there are very few Cantina figures I would say I genuinely feel like I need to say "it was all worth it." My interest in the Tonnikas were mostly out of spite - Galoob made them, Kenner didn't. And it looks like we're getting them! But do I care if they don't make Rycar Ryjerd? Not really. I didn't even know who he was until I saw the Decipher CCG card. I'd like a Baniss Keeg because she, too, was on my wish list since before they made Ellors Madak. And apparently someone decided she's also called Chachi De Maal now. Melas would be cool since we got Ketwol, but essential? A Lutrillian would be cool, I wouldn't poo-poo a Ranat, Sai'torr Kal Fas might make fans happy who missed Hrchek Kal Fas, and Tzizvvt would be actually pretty cool. It's fun to browse fan sites and see the nameless humans too, but I don't think they're likely to happen because they're not wearing green and they don't have beehive hair.

There are two other places from which your imagination may draw figural demands, like The Holiday Special and The Richard Pryor Show. But I'm also much older now, and my appetite for things I haven't "always wanted" diminishes with time. It would be great to see a new alien or two trickle out - and it would be even more amazing if Hasbro could set up a slot of five alien barfly types for us to vote on so we can get another one at retail in a year or two. But if they don't, and this is all we ever get? That bar is going to be plenty full as it is.

--Adam Pawlus

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