Q&A: Star Wars Answers, Post-Dental Surgery #1 of 2

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, December 11, 2016

This week in Q&A - I'm wasted! Also don't do drugs kids. Last Wednesday I got some dental surgery and am told to not operate heavy machinery and not to engage in any activities where bad judgment should come in to play - but I see no reason to deviate from my usual bad judgment plans. This intro was written the night before, but all of the answers are unedited (except for any coding errors) immediately after I got home following the procedure. Let's see how this plays out, won't we? As long-time readers know I'm not a drinker so I'm zero fun at parties - so I'm as curious to see if this ends up interesting as you are.

The topics: When does it end? Never! And Tank Pilots and Ranks - let's get pedantic. Also Wish Lists - why not? We've got 3 more questions from this session next week, including areas where it gets a little disgusting.

And send in your questions for the future. Read on!

1. For the sake of argument, let's say Disney continues to crank out movies and Hasbro continues to crank out figures until the end of time:

What does the end look like for you? Do you see yourself hanging up your hat at some point or will you shuffle off this mortal coil on your way to Toys 'R' Us? I know you're a few thousand figures deep, but when is enough enough?

I'm gonna puke maybe. I assume peak nerd culture is going to go out of fashion or fashion will supplant toys. Action figures for kids are less and less of a thing, so if Hasbro can keep the releases tight maybe I'll just stick with it. I don't know if I can or want to absorb another 400 figure year though. When the movies suck, though, I'm out.



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2. Not so much a question, but didn't toys r us make the hover tank pilot as their exclusive for the 6 inch line? I did want to ask about the scarif stormtroopers different markings, though. Since the officers were made as Walmart exclusive in the 6 inch and 3 3/4 inch and the specialists were in the two packs, do you expect that the grunts will end up on a single card non exclusive to a store or packed in with a small speeder, like the at-dp driver did just recently?

Pilot yes, commander no. There are deco variants there. Hasbro's pulse insinuated we'd see grunts, but which 3 3/4-inch format remains to be seen. Could be basic figures, I certainly hope so.




3. Obviously, there are a ton of new action figures we would like to see from The Force Awakens and Rogue One that haven't been announced yet. If you had a wish list, do you have a top 5 list of characters you'd like to see developed from both movies? I find it hard to believe that Hasbro doesn't have TFA Luke and General Leia already in the works, so maybe leave those 2 off your list. Who else would you like to see immortalized in plastic?

I got no Rogue One list yet, but Luke and Leia's regular outfits from the last one would be great. The Luggabeast is awesome. I'd like a Rathar. Also anything from Maz' castle, especially that one chick who looks like Olivia Neutron John (look it up) with the nifty eyebrows and spandexy suit. Can't go wrong there.



4. How did the dental work go? How are you feeling? Can you eat solids? What's your go to movie on a sick day? What about your go to movie when it's late at night and your drunk?

I hope you're feeling well soon and better than ever in no time.

I wrote the first three - and next week's first three - immediately after I got home. I even threw up on and destroyed my keyboard working for my loyal readers, so you'll read that "as it happens" in the next column. This is why I assume you buy a crap Big Lots keyboard for when you're sick rather than fancy Apple ones? I'm still on pain pills - the prescription one causes, uh, eruptions apparently - so let's assume I'm back to normal, even though this was a couple of hours after the above three.

I think it went OK. I basically blacked out until they handed me my glasses in another room, and when it was time to get up I started doing push-ups to see if I was stable enough to move. Interestingly, I do not generally do push-ups near other people, ever, for any reason. I was told I also demanded to see my extracted teeth but was denied. This more or less seems normal.

I'm eating soft-but-not-solid things as of the first night, but in very small bites because it seems to upset my gag reflex. Charming. On a sick day I work - I wish I was kidding. I think I can name two exceptions, Entertainment Earth lets me work from home so generally I sit at a computer (theirs or mine) because I feel like garbage laying down. If I do lay down, it's usually podcasts & toys, as the toy queue has kinda been piling up. (I still have unopened The Force Awakens toys.) I'm very fond of Oh No! Ross & Carrie, Stuff You Should Know, WTF, You Must Remember This Podcast, Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast, and especially the Dana Gould Hour and Judge John Hodgman. (Also the new Katie Couric one is good.)

Right now left to my own devices, my go-to movie is always another The Force Awakens rewatch.

Also, I never drink... wine. Or anything, I've been drunk like one and a half times. I hate how it tastes. Like, everything. I was at a friend's wedding once and consumed a large number of mixed and not-mixed drinks at the afterparty at the house I was crashing at (when I was 25) and didn't like any of the 12ish or so things I tried. Once in a blue moon I may take a sip of something at Toy Fair but I'd rather eat all of my vegetables - and yours - than that stuff. Now if you could tell me where I can get some Jolt Cola (classic/regular, not diet, not cherry bomb, not windex color) I will gladly take some, and then take yours, and then drink yours in front of you. I haven't been able to find any in at least 2-3 years, and the last time I saw it - I'm not kidding - I cleaned out the BevMo to the tune of roughly 50+ bottles because no regrets. I never tried the stuff before my friend Shaun wanted to get some on the night I stayed up all night driving him around Phoenix prior to taking him to the airport to start his internship on Late Night with Conan O'Brien way back in 2002. (If you need a funny person with my stamp of approval in your employ in or around Chicago, let me know, I'll send him your way. He's the best.)




Well I'm a colossal bore, from the look of things - I went a few days without examining these answers, and well, that's that. Hunh. We got 3 more questions I wrote from this batch next week, and of course the movie comes out on Thursday. Will I waltz in to the movie without buying an advance ticket again? Probably!

--Adam Pawlus

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