Q&A: Classic Star Wars Expanded Universe, Solo, and Helmets

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, September 16, 2018

1. Do you see Hasbro ever re-releasing Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma? Normally I'd just turn to eBay/Amazon for figures I missed out on but those figures go for an insane amount of cash.

Very unlikely. In 2007, Hasbro released Darth Revan as a 3 3/4-inch figure and when asked about a rerelease that fall, almost immediately said "yes, we're going to make more." Not "maybe." They said it was happening, but I don't think they meant "in 2019," which is the case. To put that in perspective, that's more time than it took for Kenner to kill Star Wars in 1985 and bring it back in 1995.

Few Expanded Universe figures get a second lease on life, Bastilla Shan comes readily to mind as one of very few in recent memory. Unless they make the Saga Legends rerelease waves, which are no longer a thing.

For that reason, rereleases seem to be coming when fans overwhelmingly demand them - and right now, they're not - so I wouldn't count on it. I also assume Hasbro can reissue literally anything on a Vintage cardback in a minimal number and it'll do fine at retail.

I would advise setting up an eBay alert in case the market drops - unless you're going to spearhead the PR campaign yourself, I would not get excited about it in the near term, particularly given how we don't know how they're going to play around in the pre-history of the movies now.



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2. What happen to the Patrol stormtrooper in the 3.75 inch line? And I am happy that Hasbro made a standard Tie Fighter for the SOLO movie (will buy at least 4) but what about the Heavy Tie Fighter(Tie Brute), will they make one?

The Patrol Trooper will be showing up at Target soon, per the announcement via the image that got out. Probably day and date with the home video releases, were I a betting man.

When it comes to vehicles, nearly every one is a small miracle. Solo got a decent amount of stuff for a movie that tanked, particularly when compared to The Last Jedi - and it has two TIE Fighters already. Any other variations are certainly possible, but given that the movie's season is nearly over you will probably need to hope it shows up on TV or in other movies to get one of your very own.

So far we've had one new toy from an "old" movie since the Disney movies kicked off. That doesn't give me a lot of hope, but nothing's impossible. If you ever told me we'd get a generic non-specific First Order playset in a BB-8 and it would be $200, I'd call you a liar. And I guess since it's getting blown out for $50, maybe you are a liar.




3. Does the new Vintage collection Enfys Nest have a removable helmet?

No. This is something they kept secret, so Hasbro either didn't get or couldn't have the reference to the surprise reveal - which, if they showed us up front, probably wouldn't have done anything to spoil the surprise. I assume Hasbro will not even partially exploit Solo: A Star Wars Story.



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I've been continuing my dive into Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships - I still need to track down a lot of the buggers - and am starting to pick up more of the ones that are similar-but-different to those of Hasbro's Titanium Series line. It's really quite remarkable to see what some of the differences are - take the B-Wing Fighter. Hasbro's has astonishing weathering, a fully-rotating cockpit, painted engines, exquisitely detailed guns, and generally it just plain looks expensive. Hot Wheels gave us one where the cockpit can only rotate within a 90-degree window, no weathering, the guns look like half-finished nubs, and the wings don't move - but the deco is closer to the 1984 Kenner vehicle, and the design allows the figure to be oriented upright or on its side on the stand. Those last two actually make it pretty compelling, even though it's smaller than Hasbro's ship. (Also Mattel's rivets are ugly.

For those curious why the ships are of interest to me, here goes. One, I like ships and it's filled with new ones that nobody else is doing as a toy yet. I can get that new Imperial Arrestor ship, concept vehicles from Colin Cantwell's original designs, and that cool Imperial Patrol bike to name a few. Two, it has a decent smattering of original trilogy and classic stuff in it - some are retreads, and some aren't better than Hasbro's, but they're there. Three, it's basically compatible with a collection I've already got going.

The value of new and novel is high to me - and they're doing a pretty good job keeping it interesting over at Mattel. The first year was almost completely skippable, but in absence of Hasbro's line, Mattel's will do. Should Hasbro lose the action figure license to a competitor, I shudder to think of years of "close enough" 3 3/4-inch or 6-inch figures. (I'm also doubtful anyone would do better 6-inch figures for the price.) But I digress. Mattel's doing a decent enough job with these, I'd just like to see them keep more in rotation, and I'm pleased to see a reduction in weird playsets and flight controllers. I'm all ears for dioramas, though.

--Adam Pawlus

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