Q&A: Biggs, Rancho Obi-Wan, Vehicles, and Other Stuff Because Why Not

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, November 3, 2013

So which Biggs is best? Sure, let's look. And did you drag your feet on the Amazon Slave I vehicle? If so... why??? Finally, let's talk about Rebels because I don't have anything to share and we have space to fill. Read on!


1. What's up with Slave 1 at Amazon.com- the site is no longer offering it for sale due to a problem pointed out by customers- is this the shipping packaging problem or the weak spring problem? Any Intel, more importantly, will it still be shipping in the foreseeable holidays future?

Odds are enough people complained about packaging or part problems to launch another "review" - there have been several since the item started shipping in August and odds are we'll see another one. The item wouldn't be up for review if they were sold out (as Amazon would have no inventory to analyze), unless they suddenly decide to stop selling it and/or destroy their inventory which is pretty unlikely. I would suggest jumping on it if you've been dawdling, as soon as it goes up again. Due to its high price tag - even at $70 - it's very unlikely that it sold out just yet. The fanbase isn't what it was, and based on the feedback at this site alone it seems people can't figure out why they want to buy one. (Because it's big! And awesome!)

It's up to Amazon when they switch it off and on again, so keep an eye on it. And order it at one of the links below, if you're so inclined, I'd appreciate it.




2. Another point they only collect 3.75inch which I have no problem with that. As I get older I would not mind buying the 6inch Line. but I am buying these toys for my children and nephew so I buy only 3.75inch. With the new show "Rebels" are we expecting realistic action figures of what size, the 3.75inch or 6inch? Also the cartoon show is coming out next year 2014 and a new movie in 2015, will these new lines of action figures be interchangeable?

Before this answer can be finalized, Hasbro has to announce something. At New York Comic Con word got out that currently they're going for what sounds like a hybrid between the animated designs and movie styling. What does this mean? I have no idea. They said that the first year (2008) Clone Wars figures were a hybrid style as well and I don't think anybody would agree that those basically weren't just animated figures that weren't as skinny. So we'll have to wait and see how they turn out.

In terms of physical size, Hasbro showed off a 3 3/4-inch cardback - so odds are if the figures are designed properly, they should be able to use the same accessories, display stands, and vehicles as your current figures. We'll likely know more at Toy Fair... but I'll likely know more a lot sooner. (Nyah.)

It remains to be seen what shakes out - Hasbro has diversified its action figures so much that it's unlikely each strain and style will survive. Before we had multiple SKUs of basically super-poseable 3 3/4-inch guys, and as soon as that changed we started to see problems. (Sure, there were other reasons, but let's be irresponsible and ignore that.) For all I know Hasbro will decide 12-inch Titan figures, Black Series 6-inch, and Saga Legends are the only way to run things from here on out - there's a lot of styles to choose from and Hasbro can be mercurial as to what makes the cut, although generally things tend to last a lot longer than one would expect, so maybe we'll see a ton of lines for the new movies and TV shows.


3. Just some silliness regarding [last] week's 'canon' question about clone stormtroopers. Wouldn't their accelerated life cycle (which allowed them to be put into action quickly off ) kill them off quickly?

Heck if I know - do they mature like most animals (i.e., "adult" within 1-2 years) or is their entire lifespan accelerated?

They seem to be 20-30 at age 10. With that in mind, they could easily make it to 30, possibly 40 depending on the Empire's health care system. (Two words: death panel.) Since Attack of the Clones had clones at roughly 10 years old (in "real" time), that would put them at 32 "real" years as of the original Star Wars film, which would probably mean this is when they're dying off. Maybe they're "60", maybe they're "90." It would stand to reason that unless there was a self-destruct sequence in Jango's DNA for the clones, at least a few of the last batch should be around before the Battle of Yavin (this is, of course, ignoring the various comics and novels with leftover surviving clones in them.)

With this in mind, I would hope that at least a few of the clones are still out there doing something. I loved the idea that one or two of them might stick around and join the Rebels or go into business for themselves, as it's much more dignified than seeing someone fall to pieces like in the movie Moon.



4. I was just wondering which Biggs best fits in the new TRU X Wing? The new Black Series release or the TAC release from 2007?

Both have their shortcomings but I prefer the new 2013 Black Series between the two - but the 1998 POTF2 version is even easier to fit in there.


I just got back from Rancho Obi-Wan (Steve Sansweet's house) for a big event thing, and I took a bunch of photos I'll probably post in the next week or two - I've got a lot of traveling going on so it's going to be a stretch. I last saw the collection in 1997, and I'm glad to say that a lot of the same stuff that was out and visible back then was still out and easy to see at the new residence. There were a lot of awesome Ewoks and Droids cartoon items from all over the world, plus George Lucas Super Live Adventure Show items and an astonishing array of bootlegs, a gorgeous library, and the usual smattering of action figures we all see when we wake up every morning. One of the neater items was a one-off fan-made Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Hasbro-style Rancho Obi-Wan package, which I was disappointed to hear was not available for sale.

The vast collection of art, arcade games, props, and just general stuff is pretty fantastic to see and if you get the chance, I'd suggest schlepping over to Petaluma, CA to see it all. It doesn't hurt that Steve's a nice guy and can throw a rather impressive party, either. I went with two co-workers and it was an absolute joy to see the delight in the eyes of people who haven't seen old boxed Kenner toys in years - it's like being an energy vampire. After a while the stuff is less of a treat when you live with it day in and day out, so seeing a set-up like this with shelving, cases, lighting, and dudes in costumes make a big difference.

Anyway, more next time. I'm pretty beat - send in those questions for next time, or don't!

--Adam Pawlus

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Wow, Adam, I happened upon this site, saw your name and it brought back memories of Empire of Toys and the AZ StarWarZ con. Anyway, re: question 2, it's almost a safe bet the Rebels toys are going to be 3 3/4" as quite a few vehicles designs for the show are lifted straight from the old Kenner toys. The old imperial troop transport will be directly translated into a vehicle used by the Empire, as well as the shorter solar panels from the TIE fighters. It actually leads me to wonder that perhaps Hasbro is somewhat involved (or at least consulted with) on the show from the get-go. The old "cartoons as toy commercials" mentality from the 80s could be a driving factor.