Press Release: Hasbro to Phase Out Plastic from New Toy and Game Packaging

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hasbro put out an inter3731 esting press release today: Hasbro to Phase Out Plastic from New Toy and Game Packaging.  Before you freak out, the release says "it plans to begin phasing out plastic from new product packaging, including plastic elements like polybags, elastic bands, shrink wrap, window sheets and blister packs. The company’s ambition is to eliminate virtually all plastic in packaging for new products by the end of 2022."

I would take care to note the phrase "ambution is to eliminate virtually all" - so this doesn't mean that they're going to get rid of everything retro-related or that we're going to see 100% closed-box packages.  We might see some changes, though, and it's hard to predict where toy packages might go.  We've seen LEGO with its Bionicle cans around the turn of the century - a sturdy, reusable package you'd want to keep even if you open the toy - and blind bag/blind boxes on the other end.

After the mostly-plastic tubes of Galaxy of Adventure, it's certainly a change.

We've got options.   Keeping small accessories safe and seeing action figure faces are indeed big concerns for the collectoratti, and of course we'll keep an eye on this evolving story.

Read the full release here.