Plastic Galaxy: I Blame BSG! Cool Shirts For Your Pledge!

By Mike — Friday, April 13, 2012

Plastic Galaxy needs your support and are willing to give you the shirts off their back to reach their goal! Plastic Galaxy: The Story Of Star Wars Toys is a new documentary exploring the groundbreaking and breathtaking world of Star Wars toys. They're gonna need your help to reach the $3000 goal in their Kickstarter program and are offering 3 cool Kenner Vintage inspired T-shirts with a twist!

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I remember when I was a kid

I remember when I was a kid and heard about the incident that prompted the BSG recall and the retooling of the Boba Fett that I was looking forward to receiving in the mail. It wasn't until I was grown and looking to settle a bet on the matter with a coworker that I found out all the details. The death of a 4 year old was a tradgedy that could have been averted a variety of different ways, but I believe I would have fired the lawyer that handled the case based on this excerpt from the documents he filed.