New Vehicles at TRU

By Mike — Friday, October 15, 2010

It looks like collectors will be spending a lot of dough this week. Besides the new slew of Target exclusives, Toys R Us is also receiving the latest vehicles which include the Hyena Bomber, AT-AP, AAT, and Swamp Speeder. Mickey Gunslinger sends in his find from Chandler, AZ yesterday. Open up those wallets and Happy Weekend Hunting! 

451 TRU Vehicles Back 

449 New Vehicles at TRU

Ok, someone help me out

Ok, someone help me out here...

The Swampspeeder and the Hyena Bomber are new, but I'm not to sure about the AT-AP and the AAT. Are there any deco changes that would warrent these as "newish"?


Yes, there are new deco

Yes, there are new deco changes on both vehicles.

New Vehicles

I'm all for the Swamp speeder but will pass on the rest. not enough interest in the vehicles to warrant spending the $$$