New Target Vintage 3-Packs, Same Old Boring Figures

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, June 24, 2011

If you've been enjoying Hasbro's Kenner-style Special Action Figure Set 3-packs at Target, the guys at have fully-packaged shots of more of them-- with no new figures and a few decent repacks. As always, figures are from Star Wars and Empire. Read on!

This time around, the sets include:

Star Wars: Android Set - remake featuring C-3PO (Endor Throne mold), R2-D2 (Resurgence of the Jedi), Chewbacca (looks like Early Bird Kit)

Empire Strikes Back: Imperial Set - remake features Imperial Commander (2009 Captain Needa), Dengar (2010 Vintage Collection), AT-AT Driver (2009 Legacy Collection)

Empire Strikes Back: Imperial Forces - remake features Bossk (Vintage 2007), IG-88 (Vintage 2007), Snowtrooper (deco TBD, Vintage mold)


No release dates are known but seeing the items this far along says it's a pretty safe bet that unless these were mock-ups that were rejected (and it's happened before), odds are you can expect these to be announced in July and released shortly thereafter.