New Star Wars 6-Inch Value Figures Found at Wisconsin Walgreens

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, September 1, 2017

3355 UPDATE: These were also found at a Phoenix, AZ area Walgreens store for $6.99 each.

One of the few people I talk to nearly every day is my pal Phil in Wisconson.  Today, Phil shared this photo of 4 new 6-inch figures at Walgreens - this format has also been found at Family Dollar, Big Lots!, and Dollar General since last year.   Rey is back in new packaging.  The Stormtrooper was sold in Mexico and Australia in 2015, and is making its US debut here.  Captain Phasma and C-3PO are making their debuts here as well.  They're basically the same size as 6-inch The Black Series figures so if you need army builder filler for your shelves, give these a look.

We have no price at this time as none was listed (usually they sell for $7 or less), but it's worth noting for you Transformers fans that I found Cyber Battalion Prowl and Bumblebee at a Phoenix-area Walgreens for $16.99 today. These are Voyager-sized robots sold previously in South America and China.

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