Marc Ecko Offers Limited Edition Star Wars Hoodies With Fett, Stormtrooper, Luke X-Wing

By Mike — Monday, August 20, 2012

Who says there’s no such thing as geek swag? It’s been five years since the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew brand first released its epic line of official Star Wars full-zip hoodies. And for the fifth time in a row, it’s no surprise that they are flying off the shelves like an X-wing out of the Death Star.

1711 Since its release and explosion of popularity in 1977, Star Wars has been re-branded and spun-off into many different product offerings. Whether it’s a lunchbox, a wallet or a t-shirt, relying on the classic film graphics and ready for innovation. So what could be different? How about a hoodie that transforms you into a Stormtrooper or Boba Fett? Yes, that’s right, Boba Fett. These hoodies are for real. And you’ll know it when you slip into one and your surroundings feel less earthly and more akin to a galaxy far, far away.















Each Star Wars hoodie from Marc Ecko Cut & Sew features the same zip-front, extending past the collar to create a mask with a design unique to each beloved character. The bold design of the Stormtrooper look is flawless, you’ll turn heads like you’re about to wage intergalactic mayhem as you zip up the mask and leer out from the eyes of the dark side.















If you’re into the Rebel theme or you’re a Skywalker buff then you’ll dig the looks of the X-wing pilot hoodie. The piece is modeled off of Luke’s jumpsuit and complete with a helmet-style hood that even rocks the visor over the eyes which puts the finishing touches to your X-wing pilot swag. The “Fett For Real” hoodie is probably the illest way to show love to your favorite bounty hunter. This is one of the first adaptations in the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Star Wars hoodies collections. Official markings are prevalent with the skull-like crest on the sleeve and clan sigil on the chest, building up to the full-zip Boba Fett helmet on the face of the hood.















All of these designs are produced with unique quality you expect from Ecko, with rib-knit sleeve cuffs and hem as well as zip welt pockets to give you threads worth paying for. Like every year, these are an exclusive limited edition release and when they sell out, they’re gone. 

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