Jabba Exclusive Back at Wal-Mart.com (Again)

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hasbro and Wal-Mart teamed up to bring you a great Jabba the Hutt set, and it seems so well they jacked up the price.  Available online (with free site-to-store shipping) is the Jabba's Throne set which, since its August release, remains difficult to find at retail. 

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I've actually seen these in

I've actually seen these in more quantity this past week/weekend. Not saying they're just sitting there. One store only had one left!


It might be hard to find -- and that sucks -- but boy is this Jabba with throne a great set! The Oola is fantastic as well!

New Jabba

I spotted one over at the Walmart in North Brunswick, picked up the box and noticed that Oola was not attached to the bubble (but it was still the new version so no swapping of her at least) but as I examined the box I noticed the re-taped sides and the sounds of hundreds of Lego bricks rattling around inside the box... I'm guessing someone only wanted the Jabba and throne and left Oola.... what's weird is that the hundreds of Lego bricks didn't catch anyone's attention?

Legos? That really sucks. I

Legos? That really sucks. I found my opener Jabba at Wal*Mart today. So there are definitely more coming.