Image Bank: Royal Starship Droids (Discover The Force)

By Mike — Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walmart appears to be the retailer of choice for exclusives in 2012 with their "Discover The Force" campaign. Each Hasbro Star Wars merchandise includes a pair of 3D glasses and a 3D image on the packaging to share the concept with the TPM re-rerelease. The Royal Starship Droids aren't entirely new but it is a great Battle Pack that evokes one of my favorite scenes in the film which re-introduces R2-D2 as always saving the day.

The re-issued mold used on all droids is from the Build A Droid R2-L3, so technically with their new paint app R2-R9, R2-N3, R2-B1, and R2-D2 are "new" figures. The droid power harness that was originally packed in with the 2000 R2-B1 figure has been enhanced with new paint apps. Overall, it's a great looking set that quickly sold out at when it was first offered online last week. Given the success of astromech droid multipacks in the past like the Entertainment Earth exclusive, this Battle Pack should be hot on the Walmart shelves so grab it when you see it. 

Walmart is also launching their "Discover the Force" page tomorrow, January 30th. Definitely worth checking out and hoping the retailer makes all these exclusives readily available online.



The Phantom Menace
Walmart "Discover The Force" Exclusive

Includes: Power Harnesses, Galactic Battle Game Character Cards, Die, Figure Stands, 3D Glasses
Retail: $24.99
Released: January 2012

CardbackAstromech droids repair the Naboo Royal Starship. The shield generator and hyperdrive are damaged while escaping the Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo. The droids fix the generator, but the hyperdrive is too badly damaged. The ship is forced to land on the remote world of Tatooine to find a replacement part. [MORE IMAGES]