Image Bank: MH17 Queen Amidala

By Mike — Sunday, March 4, 2012

The second wave of Movie Heroes has less re-issue more new sculpt with action feature. More focused on play than display, they're still very displayable unlike the old action feature laden figures of old. A new iteration of Queen Amidala in Theed Palace battle outfit is most welcomed since we haven't had a version since 1999 and it badly needed an updated. How does she measure up?

Sculpt: Overall, the sculpt isn't bad with a lot more detail than the 1999 version. The headsculpt is passable enough, and would be really better if you purchased a well painted copy from the factory. 

Articulation: There's no super articulation here, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. What you give up in poseability, you gain in aesthetic. There's only 10 points in this figure, with ball joints only featured  on the elbows. The only point of articulation on the legs are the classic wedge shaped hips. While I'm of the thought that the more articulation the better, that's not what this figure and the Movie Heroes line are about, and I'm fine with that.

Paint: There isn't anything special with the paint as this outfit is essentially one color with gold trim and some detail on the belt buckle. The facial paint is good enough but will really matter on whether you get a better likeness or not.

Accessories: Hasbro decided to switch out the ascension gun and silver Royal Naboo blaster with a standard one and a "Zip Line" pack so it's not as authentic as it could be. But at least the pack is detachable. The pull out "Zip Line" is the action feature, and one that should appeal to kids. To most adult collectors, it's just a bunch of string.

Topping Things Off: Is this the update we've been waiting almost 13 years for? Probably not, but it is a decent new, albeit limited in articulation sculpt that's still an upgrade from the previous 1999 versions, especially the awful "Ascension Gun" figure. The Zip Line pack will appeal to a younger audience which this figure is marketed to, but collectors will probably just leave it detached. There's still a better sculpted, better articulated version out there waiting to happen, if it will happen at all. But being that it's all new and passable, we'll put it in the cargo hold.


Rating: Cargo Hold (*** 3 Bounty Points)



Appearance: The Phantom Menace
AfiliationGalactic Republic
Action Feature: Pull Out Zip Line!
Sequence: 17
Includes: Figure stand, Character Card, Die, Blaster, Blaste, Zip Line Pack
Retail: $8.99
Released: February 2012

CardbackQueen Amidala fights to free Naboo from the invading Trade Federation forces. Disguises as one of her handmaidens, the queen infiltrates the Theed Royal Palace. She uses a zip-line to ascend the outer walls of the palace and reach the throne room, in an attempt to capture Viceroy Nute Gunray, the leader of the Trade Federation. [MORE IMAGES]