Image Bank: 01 Aurra Sing (Discover The Force)

By Mike — Sunday, March 4, 2012

We second our dose of pasty white, angry, former padawans turned gun for hire with the all new Aurra Sing from the Discover The Force Walmart exclusive wave of figures. Twelve years is a long time to upgrade from the almost pre-posed Power of the Jedi figure, but it's a worthy and even definitive effort.

Sculpt: The headsculpt is a good enough likeness to the original actress that played her, Michonne Bourriage. Her vest is removable.

Articulation: Naturally, in today's standards, Hasbro gave her nice articulation (12 points) but not really super, and that's okay. Aesthetics sometimes matter, especially when it comes to female action figures, and Hasbro chose not to give her ankle articulation which shows less protrusion and more feminine lines. What articulation she does come with allows you to pose her in various enough ways to make it worthwhile. 

Paint: Aurra comes with very good paint detail. The POTJ figure did have a little more Tatooine desert dirt, but Hasbro decided to make this figure not terrain or scene specific. If they ever decide to produce more Clone Wars movie realistic figures, she would look great partnering up with a "real" Cad Bane. The paint details on her hair beads and holster are superb.

Accessories: She's packed with all the stuff to play the Galactic Battle Game with new black color die, and a black figure stand that is specific to Discover The Force (Movie Heroes figures have a tan stand). Being a former padawan, she's pretty high on her Force Ability and Battle Skills.

Hasbro decided to evolve the character with her Expanded Universe and The Clone Wars appearance and include a lightsaber trophy "attache" with 3 lightsaber hilts.At a glance, the hilts look to be repainted Obi-Wans and Anakin/Vaders

Topping Things Off: Aurra Sing is out now at your local Walmart and retails for $8.96. I haven't had trouble finding her several times during my hunts. Hasbro plans to re-issue this figure in a Vintage Collection card later this year, but we don't know if she'll come with all her accessories and certainly can't depend too much on this re-issue happening at all, given Hasbro's recent track record. Pick her up when you see her. 


Rating: Most Wanted (**** 5 Bounty Points)




The Phantom Menace
Sequence: 01
Includes: Figure stand, Character Card, Die, Blaster, Long Range Sniper Rifle, DX-13 Pistols, Lightsaber Trophy Attache, 3 Lightsaber Hilts
Retail: $8.96
Released: January 2012

CardbackAurra Sing is a Force-sensitive bounty hunter, mercenary and assassin. She is willing to work for anyone who can meet her price. Many aspiring hunters seek her out for training despite her reputation as a cold-hearted taskmaster [MORE IMAGES]