HasCon - Star Wars Single Figure 3 3/4-Inch Main Line Newness

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, September 8, 2017

3368 Hasbro revealed a few goodies at SDCC already, but there are more items yet to show.  Actually, this might be it for the year - I don't know, given how quickly the Han Solo movie will (allegedly) be released.   The gamut of Force Friday II products were shown, but you've seen and hopefully already bought those.   Here, you'll find new 2-packs, single figures, and newish creatures.   No new vehicles were displayed at this event.


Jedi Exile Luke Skywalker is up for pre-order at fine Internet stores at which I work by day, and this is what it looks like.  Or Lukes like.  Hahahaha.  I kill me.


The new Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi figures are in stores now, if you luck out, but weren't revealed previously.


This is DJ, or Benicio del Toro from The Last Jedi.  Precious little is known about him, other than he is the older sister of DJ and Stephanie, and they live together with their father and uncles in San Francisco.


This is the new R2-D2.  He has rockets again!  What does this mean for the original trilogy?  Did Disney forget he had them removed, supposedly?  Were they broken?  Well, here's the figure.


General Leia is back, and by back, I mean actually here.  Her main outfit from the first sequel is still absent from the 3 3/4-inch line, but this new one is nice.


We don't know what she says with the Force Link band yet, but I suspect it isn't as entertaining as her tweets.


The Hoth Leia is assumed to be a single figure.  Here she is, and there are no other figures with her.


This is Islands of Adventure Rey, who gets to cut in line for all the best rides.


This Emperor Palpatine should be in a Target 3-pack, unless my notes are wrong.


Most of these figures are expected in December, but the reality is that these waves will likely hit earlier if the Hasbro roll-out this year on other lines is any indication.