HASBRO's Star Wars Q&A - Answers From 10/21

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hasbro and Hunter PR joined forces to let GalacticHunter.com ask questions. Here are two of them for the next round of 2011-- if you've got a burning question, leave it in the comments-- we might just choose it to pass along! If you want even more Q&A fun, go check out 16bit.com's Q&A today!

Question #1

At Comic-Con, we asked for an update about the "Mini-Rigs" of Clone Wars Boba Fett's Speeder Bike and the mini Republic Attack Shuttle, and we were assured they were coming. No new assortments have been listed, and no news has appeared-- can we get an update on these two?

At New York Comic-Con we confirmed that these vehicles were no longer in the line.

Adam's note: I asked the question of multiple Hasbro employees and was told these items currently had no specific avenue for release-- "no longer in the line" is, so far as I can tell, actually news to us!

Question #2

Have any other items fallen off schedule and are in limbo since Toy Fair 2011?

We do not believe so.