Hasbro's Kenner's Retro 6-Pack at Shop Disney and Hasbro Pulse

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, May 4, 2023

In an exciting bit of price disparity, the same toy is $20 cheaper at Hasbro Pulse. Click here to pre-order the Star Wars Retro Collection Star Wars: A New Hope Collectible Figures Multipack at Hasbro Pulse for $69.99. Or, you can click here to get it for $89.99 at Shop Disney. Why the difference? I have no idea - Hasbro's price is more in line with the current $11.99-ish retail price per figure elsewhere.

While Shop Disney has no date, Hasbro Pulse says to expect it around June 5. Supposedly these have hit US warehouses, so it should be a fun time soon to see how the clicking mechanism in R2-D2's head translated to new production... or how it compares to the Stan Solo droid remakes.