Hasbro Toy Fair 2011 - Star Wars Really Is FOREVER!

By Adam May — Sunday, February 13, 2011

"The Force will be with you, always." No kidding! As we at Galactic Hunter begin coverage of our twelfth, respective, Hasbro event at Toy Fair, we are awestruck by the breadth of the modern line, as it continues to expand into its 16th year! [Some collectors have had children who couldn't even play with action figures graduate high school by now!]

Hasbro is offering up 35 Vintage Collection figures coming out in 2011, with the line Vintage Collection continuing into 2012! (As long as the Vintage Collection continues healthy sales, there's no end in sight!) There is, of course, the San Diego Comic Con Revenge of the Jedi Death Star Super Box Set with bonus Vintage Collection mini-carded Mouse Droid and Salacious Crumb figures that will be limited to 1,500 sets. (It is not expected to be sold online since the 1,500 sets will likely sell through at San Diego Comic Con.)

The Republic Attack Shuttle is 'more than meets the eye' - as it opens up to become a "battle station" along with the cockpit becoming a fierce battle skiff. It is expected to retail for $79.99, and that's a lot of toy for the money. Trust!

The Remote Control Republic Fighter Tank is sure to be a hit with collectors and kids. Yes, it does hold figures for 3¾" play!

Yes, even though they weren't directly referenced Saga Legends will continue. They're the best way to keep key characters on the shelves.

The Galactic Heroes line will morph into the Jedi Force line, and the figures will move from the action figure aisle to the pre-school Be Cool aisle. The figures will also now be a fraction larger and articulated for better play.

The Clone Wars line continues to dominate the action figure market, and we will see more 'mature' versions of Anakin Skywalker and Asohka Tano - along with a wide array of aliens, bounty hunters and Jedi. The Mini-Rigs Clone Wars Vehicle and Figure Packs are continuing with some great new pieces. This line has finally captured the spirit of the classic Mini-Rigs!

The big news in the role play section is — without a doubt — the FX-style Lightsabers at the $34.99 pricepoint. They're kid-friendly, so they can actually be used to duel.

On the rumor/buzz front, key vehicles from The Phantom Menace will be either re-tooled or completely redesigned in the modern style with lights and sound to coincide with the 3D re-release of the film. (The Royal Starship is not very likely to be re-released.) Notably, the line will not shift completely to figures and vehicles from The Phantom Menace, but we will should see a stronger presence in The Vintage Collection and Saga Legends. Also, a "Kids FX" style Darth Maul Lightsaber would be "a really cool toy", but that doesn't mean it's a done deal or anything.

When the 3D re-release of A New Hope rolls around, there's a strong chance that the elves in Rhode Island will finally be ready to deliver a Death Star to kids and craving collectors. Of course, nothing is official until it's officially announced by Hasbro. Sometimes elves can be hard to understand.