Hasbro Q&A Blaster Points

By Mike — Friday, July 23, 2010

Hasbro Q&A panel today at the Con. Here are a few blaster points YOU NEED TO KNOW!


  • Playmat for Galactic Battle Game holds 16 figures and comes with exclusive Sargeant Bric figure.176 Hasbro Comic-Con Q&A
  • 37 Figures in 2010.27 are all new sculpts. Others are greatest hits.
  • 12 Foiled "Chase" versions.
  • Wave 2 ROTS on shelf in October.
  • Wave 5 ROTJ Wave. New Gamorrean Guard, Acbar, Jedi Luke, Skiff Gurd (Woof), R2-D2 (smaller scale, Bar-2 version), Rebel Commander, Wicket, Wedge (Pilot). Wedge is delayed due to head sculpt needing enhancement in likeness.
  • 2 cowls for Wicket - Jedi and green Ewoks
  • 30th Anniversary Holy Grail Mail In Fett. Stickers start appearing with ESB wave. One of a kind with vintage aesthetics. Display both ways with non and firing rocket.
  • Snowspeeder smaller but more accurate.
  • Cloud Car has hidden weapon panel and splits into two pods.
  • Force FX Lightsabers with removable blade and appropriate belt clip. Short circuiting sound if blade is not attached correctly.
  • Galactic Heroes Wave 2 on shelf in September.
  • Kul Teska exclusive for Toys R Us in store August (we know!)
  • Jodo Kast figure exclusive for K-Mart. In store August
  • CW Nikto Skiff Guard exclusive for Toys R Us in September
  • Walmart Clone Wars DVD 2 Packs
  • TRU Legacy of the Dark Side 2 Packs in October. A new way to approach Evolutions packs.
  • Target CW Hostage Crisis and Hidden Enemy multipacks. Senate Commando  and Cad Bane and Assassin Droid 2 packs as well
  • K-Mart Clone Wars Commando Squad in August.
  • Wal-Mart Kit Fisto Starfighter.
  • Target Geonosis Arena Part 2 to fill the arena circle.
  • TRU Star Wars Vintage At-AT in late October
  • Target Vintage Snowspeeder in October.
  • Target has Mini Muggs 3 packs.
  • Target has Attack on Hoth AT-ST and Hoth Battle Packs in December.
  • EE has Legacy#7 and KOTOR Comic Packs.
  • Cami and Fixer 2 Pack for CV. Very limited. HasbroToyShop
  • 4-LOM and Zuckuss CV Exclusive Kenner reverse packaging mistake. Deco tribute to Kenner. HasbroToyShop