Hasbro Closes Offices due to Coronavirus, Other Updates

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Providence Journal has confirmed that Hasbro has closed its offices due to the Coronavirus threat.  COVID-19 has turned grocery shopping into the new toy run of 2020, with soap, meat, toilet paper, and Kleenex assuming the roles of Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts and Funko Pop! Vinyl Chase figures.  Hasbro's offices have undergone routine, deep cleaning and now the Rhode Island toy maker will begin working from home.  Hasbro's offices are to be closed for the rest of March.

The Providence Journal has more: Hasbro closes offices worldwide due to coronavirus threat; other employers begin work-from-home

In related news:

Toys are beginning to ship to America again and many Asian toy factories are reopening - but things may be a little unpredictable as the year goes on.   We've already seen movies like Mulan, Fast & Furious 9, and No Time to Die pushed back until later this year, or indefinitely.   Most major studios have halted production on currently filming entertainment programs, so it's not impossible to think some movies and their toy lines may see delays.  Many toys were already en route to stores, so you're likely to see the existing Mulan goods exit store shelves before the release of the movie.

Reports from around the web indicate Walmart and many grocery stores are altering their hours, closing a bit earlier to restock and clean the stores in the wake of the sudden increase in shopping.  

This reporter has been working from home for years, which means that as long as the lines of communication are open we're all going to be working to continue to ensure deliveries continue as long as infrastructure allows.   And of course we're working on some new features to keep you entertained while we all do our best to fight the illness and/or wait it out.

Also of interest, Disney has released The Rise of Skywalker on digital early, and Frozen II was just added to Disney+ shortly before press time.

Stay safe, take care, and let's all work toward a brighter tomorrow.  Failing tomorrow, maybe a brighter Q3.