GHR: TRU Tales Of The Vintage BMF, Big Boshuda Barges

By Mike — Friday, October 26, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like…? Not yet, but it's almost here and ToysRUs is where the stuff is at the moment with their exclusive, expensive, and beautifully retro Kenner repackaged (B)ig (M)illennium (F)alcon. Now to that $250 conundrum.


There's no doubt that this will sell and sell well even at the premium retail price of $249.99. Don't entirely blame Hasbro, by the way, since ToysRus, as well as other retailers, set their prices and not the Big Smiling H. TRU appears confident that they can move this behemoth and could you really blame them? Searching around my local stores, most have already sold out of their initial shipment of 2 pieces and not all locations may be receiving this exclusive. If you're a loose collector, then you're spared some change until the Vintage Endor AT-AT is released with its unique paint deco. But for an old timer like me who gets sucked into the nostalgia, this repackaged Falcon is too awesome to pass up. 





There was a lesson learned when the TRU Vintage Hoth AT-AT was released in 2010 and did not sit on a shelf too long. I waited and it was gone in a few weeks, which led me to pick one up on the secondary market and that wasn't cheap at all. 






The Vintage BMF is being released at the cusp of the holiday season and TRU's Big Book promotion. There will be incoming traffic of moms shopping for their kids and some 30-40 somethings who will buy this despite the price. If you're thinking about this piece, don't hesitate too long. There are already some auctions on eBay with BIN's of $400 which I'm sure some overseas buyers will jump on. Hopefully, some sale or promo comes up to ease the wallet pain.


Don't forget about the ToysRUs Buy One Get One Free Star Wars action figure sale that runs through November 3rd. You can mix and match your choice of Movie Heroes, Clone Wars, and Vintage Collection figures. You can do your part to clear some peg warmers or even army build. Stores are receiving the Lost Line wave which have a few army building figures like the new (repainted) Shock Trooper and Phase I Clone Lieutenant, not to mention the best Sandtrooper Hasbro has ever produced. Paint makes a huge difference on this figure.







Surprise! TVC Jar Jar Binks is the straggler in this wave. So if you're inclined to army build Jar Jar that is entirely your problem, but you can do it for way cheaper.


The much anticipated ToysRUs exclusive Darth Maul Ultimate FX Lightsaber is now out for a premium price point of $79.99 and just in time for Halloween. All Star Wars role-play is on sale right now for Buy 1 Get 1 50% off to alleviate some of that $80 sticker shock. It is double a lightsaber, but at double a price?






If you like wearing Star Wars as a timepiece, there's a new assortment of Star Wars 3D watches for a very affordable $11.99. These would make great stocking stuffers for the price and you can choose from Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and two styles of Darth Vader.






The guys at Bantha Skull are reporting that TRU's in their area have been receiving specially priced 2 packs of SOTDS Class II Vehicles for $39.99. While you may not need another Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter, there are reports that some of the 2 packs include the rare and elusive U.S. boxed Mandalorian Transport. Yeah, start huntin'!


They're here! Our sponsors at BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth have received their shipments of the final Vintage Collection Wave 7 (or 16 depending on how you count) that include fantastic new figures of the Royal Guard. Republic Trooper, Clone Wars realistic Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, and some Vintage repackaged Discover The Force figures. This wave is internet only and EE is already announcing that there will not be a second order, so pick yours up and give a nice farewell sendoff to arguably the best Hasbro Star Wars action figure assortment ever…well, until 2014 when we hopefully can expect it to return.


Finally, let's give Hasbro a little push to get Jabba's party bus going. Your favorite collector fan sites have banded together to sponsor a Bring On The Barge! fan petition that will run until January 31st. The results will then be submitted to Hasbro at New York Toy Fair next February. The folks at Pawtucket are probably a little meek right now on making new big and expensive things given their recent Q3 results, but why settle for an action figure petition when we can go big and bold! Show your support and sign on!


Credit goes to Chris Swanski of Bantha Skull and Paul Harrison of Jedi Temple Archives for coming up with the idea and bringing it into fruition. And that spectacular package mock up that gives us geek googly eyes? None other than the extremely talented Jayson Krebsbach of Yakface






What's your ceiling? $200? $300? What features do you want? There's a comment section on the main petition page. Make sure to have your voice heard because Hasbro is reading.


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