GHR: TRU BOGO, New Gentle Giant Exclusives, Online Deals, Curto

By Mike — Sunday, March 11, 2012

There's certainly been a disturbance in The Force the last few days with the passing of the legendary Ralph McQuarrie, Hasbro announcing a reduction in force of 170 employees, and Curto moving on. The store activity has also lulled, save for the recent Walmart markdowns. This week starts with a new TRU BOGO offer and hunting for some good online deals. 

ToysRUs is having a new Buy One Get One for 50% off offer on all their Star Wars, LEGO and Hasbro board games this week. But as often happens with TRU, one must read the fine print. This offer is good for one transaction only, so if you add a third and fourth item to your cart, the 50% off won't apply. I called a local ToysRUs store this morning and it appears that it's the same with the brick and mortars as well. There's also a LEGO offer for a FREE LEGO Clic watch (a $19.99 value) for any LEGO purchase over $75.

New Gentle Giant exclusives arrived this week starting with the PGM exclusive Walrus Man statue. Our sponsor at Entertainment Earth also received their exclusive Tartakovsky Leia as Boushh maquette. We'll be adding her to our Image Bank today but you should also listen to Adam Pawlus' podcast as well. EE is also having a great Buy 1 Bust get 1 at 40% off deal. This may be a good time to score the just released Aurra Sing and Battle Droid minibusts.

The new gold exclusive Star Wars Logo Bookends have just arrived at Action Figure Express. This piece is limited to 1000 and retails for $59.99. You can also pre-order their WonderCon exclusive Kotobukiya Shock Trooper 2 Pack that will go on sale at the show this week.

Have you had a chance to browse Big Bad Toy Store's clearance section? I was able to get a few older Comic Packs and Commemorative Tins on the cheap, including the exclusive Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep set for only $2.90! If you are looking for a complete full case of the Blu-Ray Commemorative sets, BBTS is offering them for only $99, which is a little over 40% off. 

The Deleted Scenes wave are now being found everywhere, but the Walmart Battle Packs not so much. There haven't been many sightings of the second wave of Movie Heroes figures or Class I vehicles, but they are available online at Entertainment Earth and Brian's Toys.

We'll be at WonderCon next weekend looking to see what Gentle Giant and Kotobukiya has to offer so make sure to check back for coverage.

And finally, one last word on Dan Curto. Many old timers familiar with Star Wars Collecting internet history will recall Dan and I worked on together and both of us eventually made the jump to Rebelscum where we merged CSW, its forums, and photo archive. When I moved on to start Galactic Hunter with Adam Pawlus, Dan decided to stay with RS, a decision I fully respected. Here we are, ten years later, and Dan is no longer with Scum. But within the span of those years since I left, Dan played a huge part in making that impressive Photo Archive what it is today. He was also responsible for a lot of scoops and breaking news, not to mention the hard work he did covering all those shows and conventions, as well as broadcasting the CollectorCast with James Burns. He gave his heart and soul to the collecting community, and as someone who knew him when he was big in the customizing world with Curto's Custom Alliance and FFURG, it's amazing to witness his evolution as an ombudsman for the collecting community and even as a net celebrity. Dan, thank you again for all your contributions to the community. It's been quite a long journey, my friend, and quoting a certain senator, " we shall watch your career with great interest".


Happy Galactic Hunting everyone!