GHR: Pilots, Ewoks, Scout Walkers

By Mike — Friday, August 10, 2012

GHR has enjoyed my little break, but it's time to start hitting your local ToysRUs and K-Mart, hunters, as the new exclusives are out!

ToysRUs stores are beginning to receive the awesome new Yavin Pilots and Ewoks Packs. Each set is $39.99 each and are both fantastic with the Ewok pack being just a little more special because of a Kneesaa action figure which Adam is gushing over in his latest FOTD. The item number for both sets is 790723. They're listed online, but are available only in stores for now.




Also available this week from K-Mart is their new exclusive Vintage Scout Walker. Besides the awesome new Vintage packaging, Hasbro applied new Endor deco, including the front nose "scar". The AT-ST retails for $34.99 and the UPC is 6-53569-76203-4. The AT-ST Driver and Ewok 2 Packs are not yet in their system, but the UPC for the drivers is 6-53569-77945-2 according to our friend DarthChuckMc on Twitter.




The DPCI for the Target exclusive "Darth Maul Returns"Battle Pack is 087-06-1175 (Thanks to These are showing up in their system for $19.99, which isn't bad for the three figures you get. Make sure to shoot us an e-mail if you find it.


Happy Galactic Hunting!