GHR: Nothing But STAR WARS, Tuesday Mornings, Whoa Joe!

By Mike — Friday, May 25, 2012

It's the 35th anniversary of Star Wars…nothing but STAR WARS! Which made GHR pause and think that the 30th Anniversary Collection was five years ago? Man, how time flies. Regular merchandise is showing up with more frequency, and so is older stuff at great close out discounts. Tuesday Morning was only an awesome tune from The Pogues until I recently found some Vintage Wave 9 for $5 each.


There's this discount store chain called Tuesday Morning, which apparently has been around for awhile and I wouldn't have given a second thought on until Jedi Temple Archives reported finding some Vintage Wave 7 and 8 with "Revenge" chase variants at $4.99 each. Sure enough, there they were along with some Canadian carded Clone Wars 2 packs for $9.99 each, 2011 Battle Packs for $9.99, and some odds and ends role play pieces for 50% off and up. It's worth your while to check a local Tuesday Morning near you if there is one. It's not as big as a Ross or Marshall's so you can call them and they will check and put items on hold for you, if you ask nicely.









Ross has also received the formerly Walmart exclusive Clone Wars DVD 2 Packs for the cheaper price of $5.99 each (They were $7.99 at Marshall's). I also found some 2011 Figure and Vehicle sets like Castas with Speederbike for only $7.99.










Walmarts have new stuff trickling in, including Clone Wars Wave 2 with Aayla, Boss, and friends as well as more sightings of Vintage Wave 3 and 4 appearing on pegs. If any of you find Wave 5, we definitely want to know, but there seems to be a pause right now which may allow your wallet to catch a breather.








If you still need the BIG AT-AT or want to add more to your fleet, is selling them online and on eBay for $124.99 each. TRU must have found some extras in their warehouse because these are sold out at retail everywhere. While it's higher than the 2010 MSRP of $100, it's still cheaper than paying $150-$300 in the secondary market, plus you get FREE Shipping. also has the 2011 LEGO Advent Calendar marked down 50% of to $19.98.





Let the games begin as the Disney Build-A-Droid figures/sets have been hitting eBay. This auction we've been tracking already has bidding over $225 for 10 figures. It's still cheaper than travel and admission to Orlando…so far. Don't forget to check out Dan Curto's report if you haven't already. Rebelscum also has a great interview with Disney's Cody Hampton, Associate Product Developer of Toys for Disney Parks.


By now, you've probably heard the news that G.I. Joe: Retaliation has been pushed back until next March to receive the 3D treatment. The epic #FAIL by Paramount is astonishing and you can only imagine the logistical nightmare for theaters, marketing people, and Hasbro. Did it test screen that badly or did the returns on Battleship cause the decision?  Suits can be unpredictable at times, but this decision definitely casts a negative pall on the film which may eventually impact its performance in the box office. Perception is reality.


And finally, as our favorite space opera celebrates its 35th Birthday today, who better than Bill Murray to express our love and devotion that never ends for STAR WARS…not Episode IV, not A New Hope…nothing but STAR WARS!




Happy Galactic Hunting, have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day, here's to another 35 years, and May The Force Be With You, Always!