GHR: New Star Tours Swag at Disneyland

By Mike — Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day weekend was full of bounty at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California as new swag has shipped and arrived in their Star Traders store. Of particular interest to collectors would be the new Star Tours sets and Mickey’s Jedi Starfighter. But these aren’t the only pieces that caught our eye.



While this merchandise was well within the planning stages before The House of Mouse acquired Lucasfilm, the legacy that began in 1987 with Star Tours and even Captain EO reflects a synergy well established,  and whether you like it or not, Disney Star Wars is here to stay.  It is great to see some homage paid to the 30thAnniversary of Return of the Jedi in the form of a logo sticker on some of the merchandise, but we’d like to see more celebration here. This likely will happen in Celebration Europe 2, so U.S. fans who can’t make the trip will have to settle for Comic-Con and repeated viewings on Spike, unless Disney, Lucas, Hasbro, and the other licensees have something up their sleeves this summer.




The second wave of Hasbro Star Tours exclusive action figure sets are here (retail $34.99 each). There are no changes in the packaging from the 2010 and 2011 sets and a few of the figures are re-issued or repainted and now only include 3 figures per set. The Search for the Rebel Spy set includes a repainted Signal Droid (now blue), a Seeker Droid, and an Imperial Sky Trooper (re-issued) while the Sector 2 Security Set has a G2 Droid, C-3PO (TSC re-issued), and an RX-Droid (repainted Captain Rex mold from 2002). The 2011 sets are still on shelves (and online) so you can easily pick up all 4 sets if you need them. Needless to say, you’ll have ample figures (if you also have the 2010 Boarding Party set) to make quite the appealing Star Tours diorama with that spectacular Starspeeder 1000 vehicle.


A Sarlacc Attack set featuring Disney characters as their Star Wars alter egos was a nice surprise with echoes of Hasbro’s own action figure battle pack.  The five figures included have all been offered before, but is a good deal for $29.95, considering the last time some of these figures were issued was in 2007. The set definitely stands out as a nice ROTJ homage and includes the 30thanniversary logo sticker.





Mickey’s Jedi Starfighter($34.95) is piece that’s definitely needed for my collection, especially since the Starfighter itself includes some nifty “Hasbro” like play features and an R2-MK that seats comfortably in the wing.





Other new items include a Donald Duck as Boba Fett statue ($99.95), a Star Wars Thermal Detonator Hot Potato game ($24.95), which is brilliant in concept and play, and new Ewok plush with Kneesaa and Chip n Dale as Ewoks.









The Build-A-Droid station has not received any new domes or parts.




If you’re in the Southern California area, it’s definitely worth your time to visit Disneyland and Star Traders. These items are currently not available in Downtown Disney, so if you can’t make it to the park, a friend who’s going soon or is an annual passholder may be some options.


Happy Hunting!