GHR: $4 Vintage, ALL OF THEM, At Walmart

By Mike — Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walmart screwed up, and it's to your benefit, Hunters. They've marked down ALL their Vintage Collection basic figures to $4 (regularly $8.96). ALL means the latest The Phantom Menace and Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes waves (if you can find them).

Unlike Target, Walmart has individual SKU's for each figure, so someone in the Walmart mothership forgot to differentiate 2011 from 2012. Get thee to Walmart for some good cheap figure hunting, and if you're able to score the newest waves, amazingly cheap and awesome figure hunting!







The Walmarts in my hometown

The Walmarts in my hometown are not marking down the Phantom Menace wave. I believe this is due to the sticker that's been added on top of the original UPC code.

Blu Ray at Wal Mart

Weird... My experience at every Wal Mart with the blu ray wave (out on the shelves mixed with the TMP wave) was they didn't scan and the cashier said that the figures were "not in the system" and refused to sell them. At one store an older male clerk grabbed them up and snapped at me for trying to buy them. Great customer service at that store...