GHR: 2013 Clone Wars In Canada

By Mike — Monday, February 25, 2013

The Canadians (and Europeans) appear to have begun receiving their shipments of 2013 Yoda Line Clone Wars that will never see U.S. release (though you never know. Stuff does tend to show up at a Marshalls or a Ross months later). GH reader Torynn reports finding the new Clone Wars figures at a Canadian Superstore over the weekend for $10.99 each. Congrats on the find and send in those reports!



If you don't have a Canadian or European trading buddy who can hook you up and you're willing to spend a few more euros, Toy Palace of Germany do have 2013 Clone Wars and Movie Heroes in stock now for 149,90 EUR. Good luck on your hunt. (Update: The Toy Palace price listed at their site includes the 19% German VAT. U.S. customers will actually be charged € 125.97)




clone wars in canada

thank you for this news
i was wondering why i saw only 1 vendor on ebay selling these at 40$ a copy and why the recent toyfair didn't mentionned them at all.
I am from montreal canada and i will keep a head up for these in local stores.