Gentle Giant: It's A Jumbo Gonk!

By Mike — Thursday, May 31, 2012

According to the July issue of the Star Wars Insider, Gentle Giant will be releasing a Jumbo Vintage Power Droid (Gonk!) on a Kenner Star Wars card in the 4th Quarter of 2012.

Make sure to pick up the latest issue of the Insider for all the details and we love ourselves a holiday serving full of big jumbo Gonk!




Glad I got my Fett when it

Glad I got my Fett when it first launched! I want all the figures, but its an expensive collection! Might have to get this one though. Great robot!

want Boba Fett

I want a Gentle Giant Vintage Boba Fett but can't find any for sale. Even when i find one the prices are Ridiculous! This is why I hate it when they don't produce enough to meet demand! The only winners are the Price Gougers!...

I agree!

I love the gentle giant vintage line. I've purchased a few but it is so demotivating as a collector to try and complete the line because you know you have to deal with price gougers and second hand prices. Not being able to get boba put a dent in my morale for collecting this line...

That's too beautiful to not

That's too beautiful to not buy.