Gentle Giant Announces POTF Jumbo Gamorrean For PGM

By Mike — Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This was the big news that we had to keep mum on at CVI and it's a pretty exciting announcement outside of a Jumbo Scale Landspeeder. Gentle Giant announces that they are expanding their awesome Jumbo Kenner Vintage line to now include Power of The Force cards that include 3" scale replicas of the vintage collectible coins!

Wow! Where can we start? Yakface? Han In Carbonite? Barada? Luke Jedi? AMANAMAN? Pretty great stuff that begins with the Jumbo Gamorrean Guard for Premier Guild Members. If you pre-ordered the PGM Gamorrean, your order will be convereted to the POTF card and coin edition. The ROTJ card will now be a general release item.

Stay tuned for more announcements on this exciting development and click here if you haven't joined the Premier Guild yet.