Galactic Hunter Video Theater Presents: Droid World

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, September 29, 2012

Welcome to Galactic Hunter Video Theater! You no doubt know that there are hundreds of nifty stories from and media presentations on the Star Wars universe, and a lot of old media has been uploaded to YouTube. Some of it is great. Some of it isn't. We kick this possibly weekly, hopefully regular feature with the book-and-tape read-along Droid World... and a little bonus trivia for some of you Man or Astro-Man? fans out there. Set aside about 13 minutes and be sure to have some speakers or headphones handy after the break.

Originally issue #47 of the original Marvel Star Wars comic book run, the tale of Kligson's Moon was adapted to a book-and-record set, which is what kids had in their rooms before VCRs, cable, or iPads. Basically you had a book, and you read along with a record or cassette tape. There weren't many popular new releases since the year 2000, but we did get a couple of them for The Phantom Menace.

Enjoy Droid World split into two parts. Extra bonus points if you recognize some of the dialogue from your own childhood, or the songs Cyborg Control or Z-X3 by Man or Astro-Man?.


And just for fun, let's look at those Man or Astro-Man? tracks.

While not necessarily a Star Wars thing, I'm a huge, huge fan of Man or Astro-Man? and if you are too, take note that Chunklet Records put out two all-new 7" records from them. One just came out in August, the other went up for preorder late last week. You can also grab the MP3s off iTunes and Amazon.