Galactic Hunter Video Theater Presents: The Clone Wars - The Jedi Who Knew Too Much

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This week on The Clone Wars: Ahsoka the fugitive in "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much." Arguably the best-looking episode of the series, this week we see breathtaking chases through pre-Imperial corridors and the streets of Coruscant. Recalling numerous films focused around cases of mistaken identity, Ahsoka has been framed. Admiral Tarkin is here. And oh, so many Shocktroopers! Spoilers and video after the break.



No episode looked and felt more like the original Star Wars than this one. While I have no doubt fans have been frothing at the mouth to see Ahsoka hunted by Clone Troopers, the pacing, camera angles, lighting, and editing made this week's installment shine like few others. Sure, we saw 46 seconds of plot points stretched out to 22 minutes, but dagnabbit they were exciting.


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The plot: The plot against the Jedi seems to be kicking off here, with Admiral Tarkin investigating last week's murder. Ahsoka's compassion for the victims and confusion over the treatment of the lone suspect makes her suspicious, and a handy fall guy for whoever is pulling the strings. (I'm hoping it doesn't get spoiled before the finale.) Commander Tano is invited to the prison, where she is abruptly set up to witness yet another murder, this time being watched by broken recording equipment and numerous trigger-happy, none-too-compassionate clones commanded by the just-about-to-get-more-expensive-on-eBay Commander Fox.


This week saw the return of numerous sets from previous episodes and seasons, plus we got a good look at the new Yoda animation model doing its thing. This week looked expensive, with the return of the Jedi funeral chambers, lots of big outdoor shots, and a really amazing (yet totally cliche) chase through the Coruscant sewers. I think long-time fans will be most pleased with the scenes in the Republic prison, given how much of it looks and feels like they just grabbed the sets off the original Death Star.


Like last week's episode, this installment was pretty grim. Comic relief was rather lacking as we went from a funeral to a prison to a murder to more prisons to the chase to end all chase sequences. Ending on what was almost as close to a literal cliffhanger as we're likely to see, we are left screaming at the TV "AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED?" It's an amazing contrast after last week basically ended in a nice little package, and, to be honest, something The Clone Wars really needs more of... a reason to tune in next week.


This episode was all about action. Sure, it could've been summed up in the opening montage quite nicely, but it was great to see the animators let loose with what will most likely be the most intense chase in Star Wars in the past decade. Even if you missed the last episode, or don't care one way or another about Ahsoka, it's undeniable how well-paced, well-animated and all-around entertaining the show was this week. Four stars? That sounds good to me.


Takeaway from this week:
Tarkin sure likes to fondle ladies' faces.
ARF Trooper plus Massiff? Man, that'd be a great figure. Clone Wars needs its own Law & Order in toy form.
Yoda sure can be a downer, can't he? "Yeah yeah, so like our friends died, but don't mourn them since you're probably going to be here pretty soon. Not me, I'm super-old."
Since we had our "Fugitive" episode after our "CSI" episode, what's next? Are we due for a "Dexter" episode?

Next time: Jedi on the run and the return of Asajj Ventress in "To Catch a Jedi." Could it be more exciting? I can't wait to find out!


See you then!