Frank D'Iorio's Diorama Workshop Is Now Live

By Mike — Monday, April 30, 2012

The one and only Frank D'Iorio (aka NiubNiub) has launched his latest endeavor,


With ALL the changes on the web that have come around since 2000, Cable Modems, Larger Monitors, Facebook, YouTube etc...

it was time to get with the 21st century and I thought it would be a lot easier to just START FRESH instead of revamping the limits of NNU (mostly due to Dreamweaver) So I hired a REAL programmer and have created a brand NEW interactive diorama website...


Launching TODAY - April 30, 2012 I present...

Frank Diorio's (that's me ;p) DioramaWorkshop.Com.


A kind of NNU V.02 if you will. All the Step by Step tutorials, Free Decals and Free Blueprints that fans have come to expect from me will continue to exist at the DIoramaWorkshop.Com but now in FULL HD mode including Video Tutorials not available back when I started out.


Plus a relaunch of sorts of the VISITORS section where other builders can send us their pictures and inspire other fans to make dioramas. And the coolest part... in HD and with interactive instant comment feedback.


I am really hoping that the site will become a community hive of sorts where we all share, and exchange techniques just as we do everyother year in person at the Celebration Conventions DioramaWorkshop area.